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28 Feb 2016
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United Kingdom
Hi everyone, Some help would be much appreciated, I'm wanting to install drainage and cold water into my garage as it's now getting converted into a hair salon, how deep does the drainage need to go? Also can my water pipe run along side my drainage? Thank u
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The water supply needs to be in the frost free zone or be adequately protected against frost.
The frost free zone is in-between 750mm and 1350mm.
The drainage requires to have the correct fall to prevent obstruction gathering in the pipe and it becoming self cleaning (to use the term loosely).
This fall would be if I recall 18mm per meter for waste pipes.
I will post some links.
So it wouldn't matter if the pipe was only say a foot or so underground as long as it has the correct fall? The problem is iv got to take it 24mtrs to the front of the house..getting that sort of fall when the inspection drain is not that deep underground is going to prove very difficult, thanks for the reply
Over that distance you need to be looking at a fall of around 1.8m @ 1:40 / 0.9m @1:80
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I need to be going into this drain the really wots about 6ft deep to the connection to get that sort of run


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can you not break into the foul run (inserting a new chamber) nearer to the garage rather than running all the way to an existing access chamber?
Always assuming that you are going to comply with planning and building regs
Will they be marked out in the paper work when I brought the house? Thank u
More than happy to try to help you but just to check that you know:

1) You will almost certainly need planning permission to convert from a garage to a hair salon
2) You will need to comply with building regulations and have each stage 'signed off'

Part of the planning should be to identify how you are going to connect to the services and ensuring that the manner of connection does comply - do you have any professional help with this project or are you doing it as a DIY?
I'm doing it diy I was told I wouldn't need planning permission as I'm not changing any of the outside of the garage all I would need to do is get the work signed off???
Can anyone help me with wot angle my level needs to be set please?


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What fall do you need on the pipe? What the horizontal distance between the start and end points of the pipe and vertical difference between the same points?

By the way, your multiple threads on the same subject aren't helping!

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