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    Should the spindle of a water pump be immovable and static?

    Hello everyone, I'm hoping you can give me some guidance on a long going issue with my boiler. It is an 18 year old Glow worm 24 ci. About 3 weeks ago my boiler decided to fart up and stopped working, called the gas engineer, diagnosed the issue, PCB was faulty. Quoted £350 for a replacement...
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    DIY project - AC Generator 2kw from lawn mower engine

    Is there anyone who could help me with this little project please? Mates allotment has been robbed and their generator (2Kw) has been stolen, which they use to power a water pump from a bore-hole. Turns out they have a lawn mower or rotavator that wasn't taken, presumably due to weight and...
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    Water pump

    Hello. Help or advice needed. Every time I clean patio puddles form along the fence panel. Due to neighbours garden being lower level than mine this dirty water then ends up in their patio. I do mop it up but was wondering if there some kind of cheap pump (not much money so cheaper the better)...
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    Water pump for electric shower: private water supply

    Hi everyone. We've got an electric shower and very low water pressure due to being on a private supply from a spring. The shower has a pressure sensor, and won't heat water because of the low pressure. The whole rig from top to bottom is 1) spring collection 2) into 10'000l storage tank 3)...
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    Getting water from ground level to loft water tank

    My idea is to have filtered rainwater, pumped from a ground level tank up (8 meters) to the cold water tank in the loft. With the idea of having a raised float system to top the tank up before the mains water float kicks in. Ensuring the inlet for the mains water is above the water line as per...
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    OFCH water pump needs constant bleeding

    My water pump has started acting strange, it needs bleeding after every cycle of the burner. You can hear the water stop flowing and when you bled it there is hissing for a few seconds, after every cycle, then you hear the flow again What I've tried so far: bleed system where possible, plumber...
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    Any ideas on how to increase the water pressure?

    hey all, I have a Vaillant setup in my home comprising of an EcoTec System Boiler (637) and a UniStor cylinder (310 litres) as well as a VRC 470 Weather Compensator. When the system was installed we were not able to get a high pressure output from the system as the pipes coming into the house...
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    WB RD532i CH Water Pump Settings

    Hello I am new on here and am looking for information on how to access the CH water pump settings. I am aware there are three settings for the water pump (which specify how the pump is controlled and turned on/off). these are indicated in the service manual as menu points 2.2. However there...