WB RD532i CH Water Pump Settings

20 Oct 2015
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United Kingdom

I am new on here and am looking for information on how to access the CH water pump settings. I am aware there are three settings for the water pump (which specify how the pump is controlled and turned on/off). these are indicated in the service manual as menu points 2.2.

However there doesn't seem to be a way to access the option to select any of the three settings. The boiler is defaulted to the setting is needs assuming you are using the TR2 thermostat. However I am not using a TR2 thermostat and have Tado installed using the Ls and Lr terminals to receive the call for heat command.

The TR2 has been disconnected.

With the Tado installed and the boiler programmer set to be on comfort mode throughout the day (through the timer) when Tado calls for heat the boiler fires up and when the call for heat ends the boiler stops firing.

The water pump should run while the call for heat is active (and for a short time after the call for heat is deactivated to remove heat from the matrix) however I am finding the water pump is constantly on. The 2.2 water pump activation settings allow for an external temp sensor, for the boiler CH flow program to control and for the TYR2 to control).

I believe that, with regards to the water pump, the boiler defaults to the TR2 setting which is no good as it needs to be on the CH flow control setting.

Does anyone know how to access the relevant menu on the text display to change the pump setting?

WB are about as useful as a wet fish and their manual only states the options are there but not how to get to them.

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These stupid programmers are basically incompatible with anything other than the TR2. You can try to wire a stat to the board connections but it won't operate correctly as the boiler cannot be set to not look for the TR2
I've had a look and thought of that. I've found one potential solution that if you bridge junctions f and 4 with a 3.3k resistor the boiler thinks the temp is 13 degrees. Then wire a 10 and a 2.2k resistor in series between 3 and 4. This fools the programmer into thinking it's in frost mode. Then wire the call for heat from the smart thermostat across the 2.2k resistor so that when the smart thermostat calls for heat the 2.2k resistor is shorted and the resistance drops to 10k. This commands the programmer to call for heat to 18 ish degrees but as it only registers the temp at 12 degrees the call for heat stays on. The only problem is I don't know if this actually works as it was a single source of information.

Any ideas how to get to the pump cot roll settings 2.2 as per the service and engineers manual. Surely there wouldn't be three options if you can select the right one somehow. ...
So what happens on the display when you get into service mode / pump function?
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That's just it. When you go into service on text display menu and press select for 5 sec on the adjust service parameters option you can scroll through the service options. The pump settings are number 2.3 in the menu but when scrolling through the list if jumps from 2.0 (boiler mode: normal minimal and high) then straight to 2.3. Completely missing 2.2.

There must be a way, after all why have the three settings for the pump if you can't change them.

WB have been useless, only saying they don't support any other thermostat.
No Worcester will just say the thermostat is part of the boiler rather than an extra, I've dealt with them before on these models and they say incompatible. Have you tried to order the engineer service manual from Worcester?, it will go into the second tier engineer menus.
It's funny you've mentioned this. I've just been sent the engineering instructions on how to enter level 1 and level 2 service mode which explains how to access the water pump settings. From the information the default setting is option 2 where the pump is controlled by the TR2. Option 1 is a setting where the pump is controlled by the CH flow temperature control.

I am having my boiler serviced today and will ask the engineer if he will change the setting over for me (so I don't go breaking any laws about working on a gas boiler etc) and see if that remedies the issue.

I'll report back for the benefit of anyone else who may encounter this problem.

Fingers crossed eh?

A big thank you to those who have (so far) taken the time to reply to this thread.
Ok so I've followed the instructions sent by tado. These were to press the service button (looks like a spanner) until "- -" is displayed. Then use the CH water temp control (radiator) symbol to select 2.2. The only problem being apart from the boiler going into service mode and the "- -" being displayed the temp control down nothing. The text menu show the same info as if you entered service mode from the text menu itself.

Same happens if you try to go into tier 2 service by pressing the service and chimney sweep butting at the same time.

Does anyone know how to get to tier 1 and 2 modes.

The water pump setting is currently on setting 3 (which is for an external temp sensor - which is odd as I don't have one and the system should be on setting 2 as a default).

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