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    Whirlpool ADG 7470/2 dishwasher shows fault: 6 flashes

    Hi Everyone! I have a rather old integrated dishwasher, Whirlpool ADG 7470/2. As of recently it refuses to work, showing "6 flashes" error code. Perhaps local experts could help me figure out what is going on. Here is what I know so far: (1) "6 flashes" apparently means that the dishwasher...
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    Whirlpool dishwasher Adg957 fault

    My turn for an Adg957 fault. Machine is 18 years old, no Led display. In the past I've changed the NTC sensor At the moment if I run it on any program, the pump runs and runs and after about 10 mins it starts to beep. The error code on the left most led (rinse) flashes twice a second so...
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    Bathroom Refurb

    hi all, So, I’m looking to do a bathroom refurb, new bath sink etc. Already in there is a 700 x 700 shower with a door frame, one side is the main bathroom wall and the other is a tiled stud wall. My plan is to take the stud wall and shower tray out, and the door & frame. The current bath is...
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    Whirlpool bath installation

    I am installing a whirlpool bath. The instructions mention fitting a RCD. I plan to spur off the upstairs ring main with a 13amp dp fused spur as I already have a RCD on my sockets in my consumer unit in the garage. Do I need to fit another RCD on the Spur? Thankyou in advance.
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    Whirlpool gas hob akm200wh sparking continuously even without button

    My gas hob sparks continuously. I am aware that the button should be kept dry etc. But even if I remove the button unit from the plug in terminal, it continues to spark. I thought that it would be unable to spark without the button. Any suggestions as to the cause? Eg. Does it indicate a faulty...
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    My whirlpool-type bath pump has stopped working? Any ideas to fix it?

    Hi all My whirlpool-type bath (see pic)... suddenly stopped working the other day. The pump went from chugging away happily to a whining sound like something had jammed in it. I've tried it a few times since then and it still just hums without kicking in and pumping the water. Today I tried...
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    Whirlpool WWDC9440 washer drain hose - install new

    I've stupidly cut the end off my Whirlpool WWDC9440 drain hose while attempting to extend it (I cut the wrong hose!). I now cant make good any join using clips and the corrugated pipe. My preference is to buy a new drain hose (preferably 2.5m) and fit this. However, I'm loathe to pull the washer...