window leak

  1. P

    I have a leak, who is best to call?

    I all, Bit of a stupid question but I have a leak coming through the top edge of the window. I have added a video. I am wondering who is best to call? All roof guy or a window guy? As on the video there is a bit of overhang on the outside. Thanks Video example
  2. H

    Damp patch in the corner of pvc window

    Hi I have recently had a room drylined I have noticed a damp patch on the bottom right hand side of the window, there is also a tiny spot at the top of the window any ideas what's causing this there are no leaks in the roof and I have applied concrete water sealer outside as I thought it might...
  3. cajsoft

    stone cottage.. water ingress around window

    Hi, I have an old farm house cottage that's got a few water ingress issues since winter. it first manifested as some blistering on the paint work of the window sill. it's steadily gotten worse and recently I have removed the internal window sill to try and identify the issue. Unfortunately...
  4. Deancleaveruk

    Need advice!!

    Can anyone explain why my windows are leaking on the inside like this? See attached. Will be be down to the pointing? I know there is expanding foam in between the cavity then its plastered over the top. Anything I can do to prevent it happening?
  5. Pegasus911

    Leaking Window inside below sanstone plinth when raining.

    Hello all.. When it rains hard my living room window leaks within minutes. It drips from the plaster at the top where my blinds are fixed. I have checked outside both when it is raining hard and when it is dry and I cannot see any breaks in the silicone or the brickwork or pointing. It is a...
  6. D

    Window leak below frame?

    Hi All Hoping for some advice from from the more knowledgeable folk. I am in an old Edwardian newly refurbed house that seems to have developed a leak after the recent rains. The leak in the picture below is just below a sash window frame. The outside of the frame looks like the picture...