1. S

    Advice for radiator pipework first fix

    Hi all, I'm hoping for a little advice regarding my self build. I am planning on fitting all of the radiator pipework myself but have not yet decided on whether I am having a combi boiler or a solar heated water tank for my hot water or even a combination of them both or something else...
  2. D

    Convert cupboard to sink, but electrics and zones!

    Hi. Looking to strip out the bathroom and replace. Due to the small size I would like to move the sink into where the cupboard is now keeping the top shelf as a cupboard with a door (with showers switched spur in) but remove the lower 2/3 of door for sink. I’ve tried contacting a few local...
  3. XrayDave

    Worcester Bosch Greenstar Boiler / CH issue - SOLVED

    Hi folks, Apologies in advance if I use the incorrect terminology in describing the problem. First, some History. The current system is a WB Greenstar 8300iW 30 S (or maybe 35 S) condensing boiler. No cold-water header tank in loft, not a combi-boiler (we have a hot water tank in the airing...
  4. T

    Multizone heating issue

    I have a heat only Worcester Bosch 30kw boiler and a 300L Ideal unvented cylinder. There are 3 zone valves, one for ground floor heating, another for 1st floor/loft heating and the last is for hot water. There is only one return pipe for the radiators. I had this and completely new pipework done...
  5. F

    texecom veritas or elite 24 zone type

    Hello, Is there an option or zone type to monitor a door using magnetic contact as follows: no PIN codes to be used. no arming or disarming to be done. and whenever the door is open the internal sounder keeps chiming or quacking, and once the door is closed the sound is stopped...
  6. G

    Too many zone valves

    hello Hope someone can help! Fitting Hive thermostats to a large home which has a fully pumped system with dual zone central heating and hot water cylinder running off a Potterton gas boiler. Confused by the three 2-port valves which are on the flow side of the system immediately after the pump...
  7. K

    Pyronix Zones - programming the entry routes

    Hi, I have the Enforcer panel, and have set the detectors as follows: Zone A - Downstairs detectors, inc front door entry/exit contact and Hall and Lounge PIR where I would cross to get to the panel B - Upstairs detectors C - Shed detectors I have set the front door input to 08 FX (Area ER)...
  8. PhotographyJosh

    Galaxy 24h zone override

    Hi all, Just wondering if anyone could help me to figure out how to use a 24 hour zone on my Galaxy G2-20 whilst maintaining the ability to deactivate the zone when required? I have seen this done in a company I used to work for where the fire doors where monitored for breaches but one door...