1979 escort electrics.

9 Nov 2005
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United Kingdom
a friend has the above car but recently when he turns ignition on the rear sidelights come on as well,
he says no work etc has been done on car recently
ignition off and lights back off.
as yet i have not looked at car, wondered if anyone else has had this problem so would know where to look. regards. r.r.
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sounds good neo, i will start there. never thought of it, if not will move on to steering column swiches etc. .cheers. r.r.
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thanks for last 2 replys, as of yet i have not been able to go look at car. but will look at any earth connections when i get a chance .
but will post update if i manage to sort it out .
stuck in waiting 4 a delivery that was due last week. :mad: regards. r.r.
check terminals in the back lghts for even slght corrosion, replace if needed, a bugger to clean up
:) problem solved thanks, it was a faulty light switch in the end
by jiggling the switch on and off i found i could stop and start the problem also there was corosion in back lights.
a trip to breakers yard and problem solved. thanks for your help. regards. r.r.
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