2 pac filler instead of putty?

11 Jun 2009
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United Kingdom

question - I have a single glazed timber casement window to re paint, about 40 percent of the original putty has perished and has to be replaced. The only trouble is i am working (as a favour :cry: ) nearly 200 miles from home and don't have the time to 'pop' back and finish the putty beads once they have skinned. Has anyone ever used 2 part filler (such as bonda) instead of putty as a quick get out? any reasons why i shouldnt? ordinarily i'd use multi perpous putty and go back to it, but the job isnt really local to me. any thoughts appreciated.
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Personally I think 2 pack will be too hard on outside wood which is subject to a lot of movement..this could cause the filler to fsll out.

But I can see where you comming fron re the putty skinning up...maybe synthetic putty might work...to could try rubbing podwer filler over them first to speed up the skinning process

Last resort...polyfilla..its not as hard as 2 pack..but still quiet brittle...its easier to apply though than 2 pack
Or you could use wooden beading, pre prime it first and when fitted just top coat it. ;)
Beading is a good idea but car body filler will do a good job too. Big tin for about £17.
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Hi guys thanks for getting back to me. Zampa - I totally agree with you re- timber movement, it is a concern. with regard to the synthetic putty do you mean something like DRY SEAL :?: (they sell it in dulux centres but require a remortgage before purchasing, ive never used it and always wondered if it was a dulux 'fad'). Poly filler - good idea but being 'credit crunch aware, (or tight arsed as my wife would say) ive got 2 pac on board and was hoping that would do, cheers.
Robbie uk - The window in question is 'fixed', on the 3rd floor, and only accessable from a ladder (garage and shed prevent tower access), beading would be an option if the window was not so high (time consuming) or it was removable, but thanks anyway.
Joe 90 - Thanks for being so diplomatic and advising both options :D , Im gonna go with the 2 pac method, and risk losing repeat business '200' miles away if it fails. hopefully a local guy will get to to it properly!

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