very poor job by tiler from this forum

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Sorry, it's your forum is it?
No, many would like to think so but the mods make sure of that.
No, didn't think so.
I never did.
I think you should re read my posts
I’ve read some of yours, did you take the firkin trouble to read any of mine before posting your “defend a friend” accusation crap when all I was trying to do was calm things down until facts are known.

and then re read your reply and you will see how sillly and uncalled for your reply was...
A little excited maybe but not uncalled for given your accusation.

Especially tomorrow.
What has tomorrow got to do with it?

No trolling here, not my style, just hate bullshite and like to say it as I feel.
Where was the bullshite in any of my posts on this thread?

Over and out.
Best contribution you’ve made to this thread.
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Snadge; Ive only just seen the pics, I assume you aded them later. Will not commnt this evening, will come back tommorow ;)
@ Richard C - yeah I made a post to tell you and the other fella that ive amended the first post to include some photos... even in fotos of silicone you can see bad grouting and tiling.. just take a good scan at all the pictures..
you get what you pay for, i know thats not helpful but it's a lesson in life, just cause the're on here it don't make them a trustworthy traadesman, again sad to here your story.[/list]

I wasnt trying to cut corners and get it done on the cheap though? - I wanted to know if WHAT a fair price was for the job so we dont get ripped off - we were told by him that a proper price would be £130... and the other company was charging £200 and he said that was way over...

so its not like i tried to cut corners and get it done cheaply... I thought £130 was a 'proper' price for a professional job - had I known it wasnt I would have certainly paid the £200 in that respect I dont think that is a fair comment in this case but i do agree with it

Sorry didn't mean it to sound like i was having a pop at you, The job you have had done looks awful, I feel for you i really do, lets hope this thread can atleast get your money back from this cowboy
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He hasn’t posted since March & hasn’t responded to a message I sent. I know you initially had some problems but believed it was going to get sorted, clearly that hasn’t worked. Looking at your photos, I’ve got to admit it looks appalling & is not something I would be proud of. I’m rather shocked as the standard doesn’t seem to bear any resemblance to his photo album which I’ve no reason to believe aren’t his work. I know he had a problem with his wrist, needed an operation & would be off work for around 8 weeks; I don’t know if that has anything to do with it but unless he posts the thread, we will never know.

I want my post to stand as a warning to others that come here looking for help and advice, that may get lulled into a false sense of security and end up having someone who's not what they think they are completely messing up their home or project and because they are self employed "single person" tradesmen and not a 'company' with shop(s) it is easier for them to "bodge it & leg it". People like that are a bad mark on tradesman that are good at their jobs, as now I wont ever trust another self employed tradesman, it will be full on companys who have shops (address where you can find them) and reputations to keep from now on out.

Unless you go to an expensive “one stop” shop, that won’t necessarily get you a better result. With few exceptions the tile fitters they use will also be self employed, the main difference will be the additional expense of the tile shop/companies mark up. Their terms & conditions will most likely exclude any liability on them in any case so your only recourse is still likely to be with the tradesman. I always advise to be careful when choosing any tradesmen (especially now) as some may not be what they say they are; always get references & look at previous work but I appreciate in this case you thought you were dealing with a trusted forum member.

All I can say is I’m genuinely sorry you’ve been let down by one of the Forum regulars but please don’t tar us all with the same brush :cry: ; we’ve not heard from tictic (Davie) yet on this & I think he may know him personally; perhaps he can shed some light on it.
sorry its came to this mate...

i havent had a reply from him since the pm"s you sent me..

or had time to reply to you(been pretty busy at the moment)..

well you know what i think off the job,and all i can say is if you wish to take it further with him..then you will need to follow the advice i gave you at the begining..


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