2006 Renault Grand Scenic Heater Blower

20 Jan 2012
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United Kingdom
The heater blower switch on my 2006 Renault Grand Scenic only works on number 4. I have pulled the plug out of the resistor and only the purple wire terminal is all burnt. If I just replace the loom and the plug, will the blower switch then work on numbers 1 to 4 or do I need to replace the resistor as well.any information wiil be most appreciated.
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You could try cleaning up the pin and socket that's burnt, its obviously had a bad contact which has caused it to heat up, even if you can only get it to make good contact for a short while it should answer your question.

Have cleaned the pin and socket that has burnt ( other conections are OK) and reconnected it but blower still only works on 4 With regards to the resister with working through a small hole in the dash and cannot see anything and working by feel.. I could probely remove the resistor by undoing the torx screw ( only one ) but I doubt I could replace it. Is it the burning of the connector plug or is it the resistor that stops the blower working in positions 123 ? Also is it possible to replace the resistor though the small space in the dash ?
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If you have managed to make good contact with the burnt connections and it still doesn't work then, yes the resistor needs replacing.