3" Soil pipe

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Because i can do this myself and with the aid of the net can work out the best way to tackle it all. Looks like i will cut the plastic and see if i can rod from there and then replace everything in 82mm size and provide the needed rod access points.
Ok i have been thinking on the best way to solve this problem and i think it is simpler than i was thinking.

All i need to do is remove the grey plastic part and the bend into the wall and replace with the same (in black) but use an access bend so i can rod it if this happens again.

I think that is the most straight forward way to go, cheaper and less time consuming.

This is assuming the lower section of the stack is not too blocked up. It is possible this may need a specialist jet team out, but i will cross that one when i get there.

Cheers for help / tips.
Once you can get access into that section you may be able to rod downwards. Its possible the blockage is in, or just below the junction, if not then could be anywhere, but at least if you ask a jetting company to do it, they've already got access.

If you do need it jetted I'd phone around for a price before engaging a contractor.
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Hi all

Got yorks water out and the problem is a blocked drain in the road. This pic shows a little of the poo which came out of the stack where he cut a rodding hole and put his jetter in. This is 12 weeks of poo build up as they jetted in July because there was another drain blocked next door to mine (all part of same system).

The blockage has not gone and so they are sending out a big tank to try and clear it. It is somewhere in the road now.

I took out the tee section going from my toilet and into the tee soil pipe. Luckily i didn't get covered in the water. Yorks water are also giving me £50 for the wrong info. This was a public issue and not private and so i am getting some money for the trouble of breaking into my stack and trying to fix it myself (initially they said it was my responsibility). So i still have to go and reset my soil stack properly as at mo it is working, but not pushed home fully and i haven't cemented up the hole in the wall.

i also have a video but it may be too big to load


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how vile!

I suppose with your house being right on the pavement there is no manhole (unless it has been tarmacked over)

I bet you'll want a rodding eye when it goes back together.

I was interested to hear about the 82mm soil pipe, a bit bigger than the small rainwater size. Never seen it round here.
I've sen a lot of 3" lead soilpipe - beautiful job by plumbers in the 1940's - then a plumber in the 2000's tried to connect a multiquick to it but put the lead inside the connector. It was all covered up and leaked a few months after the job was finished. It ruined a posh room in a big house. Luckily another plumber knew how to heat and dress the pipe out for the multi. to fit inside:sneaky: Not me, but I knew the place and heard about it.
He drilled a rodding eye in the base. So got one now. The contractor in july didn't and he should have done. No manholes to speak of and the guy didn't look for any.
So what exactly has happened - have you completely replaced the pipework seen in pic 1.? Is it all in black plastic? Is it still in 82mm?

Given the recent blockage history, it may have been an opportune time to approach the Utility to discuss changing to 115mm soil pipe with them doing, & paying for, the underground bit.

FWIW: just above the closet bend the stonework has what looks like an old sooty flue line - did an internal flue ever run up around there? Its a strange position for a flue but who knows?
Your stack probably connects to the main sewer via a lateral, which is absolutely fine until this happens.... :( There again, if the problem is in the road, then your section may not have been affected anyway, it just backed up from the main. If they get a tanker combination unit out to it, that'll soon sort the problem. :LOL:
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I heard they were tight in Yorkshire, didn't know they even try not to part with there waste?:eek:
Still waiting for the tanker to come out. Up to 7 days apparently.

I haven't changed any pipe work yet, but may run the section into the tee in 4".

The soil pipe underground goes out into the road i think. Lower down the wall is a rain water gully (no rain water pipe there anymore). I think this is connected to the problem as in the summer all the sewage was leaking out of here. So when that was cleared it has caused the leak to back all the way up my stack.

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