35mm chrome to 32mm solvent weld coupler/adapter?

10 Sep 2006
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United Kingdom
I'm fitting a cloakroom basin (under the stairs) and the trap has a 35mm x 300mm chrome extension tube. This is to pass horizontally through an external wall to the waste, which is 32mm black plastic, solvent weld pipe and mounted vertically.

The manual suggests a compression fitting of some sort ('not included') to join the two, but I'd like something discrete. I'd like to see nothing but chrome pipe inside of the wall.

I only had a 50mm core drill bit, so there's a little room for possibly a coupling of some sort. Ideally, I'd go straight through the wall with the 35mm pipe and, via a coupler of some sort, connect to a 32mm 90deg solvent weld elbow.

I'm looking for suggestions, please?
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you can get straight connectors too

I was hoping for something a little less, bulky. But I'll certainly keep it in mind.

I'll admit I find it frustrating, the different dimensions depending on whether a pipe is UK, EU, compression, push-fit, solvent weld. So, can someone tell me if this would fit?


Would my 35mm chrome pipe push into the wider end, with the rubber seal? Leaving the plastic end to weld to a normal 90deg, solvent elbow, outside?
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I'd be very wary of putting any sort of joint inside the wall. Better to make the joint just before the pipe enters the wall, maybe not pretty, but you dont want a leak inside the wall..... :eek:
Could you expand on that, please? I'm keen to learn and I'm sure there'll be others reading this thread that would also benefit from anything you have to add.
The 35mm joint on the trap might take 32mm pipe. Try it. It may need 'packing out' with some PTFE tape.

If it works, 32mm waste pipe is available in a chrome finish.
I emailed McAlpine and their reply was a little disappointing, but understandable. They wouldn't commit to a yes it'll work/no it wouldn't, but stated the part comes with two seals: one to suit 32mm OD pipe and one to suit 35mm OD pipe. They also attached a technical drawing.

If the mods don't mind (copyright?), I'll upload the drawing here for expert analysis. :)
Isn't it self explanatory?

I'm not very bright; it's very easy for me, and possibly others reading this thread, to misunderstand posts that lack...detail. (Not just yours specifically.) Some more information expanding on the point you're trying to make would really help me. Like I said, I'm keen to learn from any mistakes, but to do that I need to be told how to do things correctly, not just told that I've done them incorrectly.
I found a branch of Plumb Centre that had these in stock so I could check it out. McApline told me it came with two rubber rings, one for 32mm pipe and one for 35mm. Unfortunately, PC said they only come with one fitting and that was the 32mm one. So the pipe wouldn't fit.

I think the fitting would have worked, if it'd been supplied with the seals the manufacturer claimed it should.

After discussing the issue with PC and a couple of plumbers that were shopping there, I went with a compact, 32mm compression coupling. It was almost a perfect fit in my 50mm hole and somewhere I can easily access it should the need arise.

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