80g hard drive



to me its big, i want to partiton it.

with win 98 i did it fro the bios (but forgotten how)

as i have win xp pro, a mate said this can partition it for me, but i am not so sure, has any one done / tried to partition a hd with xp pro doing it for you, if so how?

i should point out i am keeping xp on the existing hd, the 80g hd is to be an addition (thats easy)

just looked at the net, i found howto do it if you want to start and load o/s but not how to get xp to partition new hd from xp, then again perhaps it can't be done this way?
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Ok, assuming you've installed the drive and it looks ok in the BIOS, boot to Windows.

Click START>RUN and type compmgmt.msc and press <ENTER>.

The computer management console should now start. In the left window, click on Disk Management. In the right window, find the new drive and right click anywhere in the unallocated space. The rest is fairly easy. Create and format partition and away you go.
I knew when I was typing that this would happen, so I saved my reply, checked again, and guess what beaten again :evil: :D: only one thing to add, you need to have administrative rights to run the computer management console.
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Igorian, just wanted to say thanks again, ny 80g hd arrived today, followed your instructions, very easy, took longer to install office than to partition hd..

thanks again :)
breezer said:
to me its big, i want to partiton it.

80 GB is big?!

i have 4 of those! (and each has about 50GB on)
as you so rightly quoted me
andrew2022 said:
breezer said:
to me its big, i want to partiton it.

when you consider the first pc i had was a p100, with a 20g (think it was 20g) hd 80g is big to me.

i only take pics, run a website, email, wp, so i do not need that much space, i just like to organise things though
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