ABS light vw polo 2003 1.2 petrol engine

14 Dec 2009
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United Kingdom
My car is giving intermittent abs light. I have done a scan as follows:
Address 03: ABS Brakes Labels: 6Q0-907-37x-ABS.LBL
Controller: 6Q0 907 379 L
Component: ABS FRONT MK60 0101
Coding: 0001097
Shop #: WSC 00788
VCID: 46FFD51B71A9
1 Fault Found:
01276 - ABS Hydraulic Pump (V64)
012 - Electrical Fault in Circuit - Intermittent

If anybody has experience of this fault please let me know.
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An intermittant fault would suggest you have a bad connection somewhere.
Try to identify the location of the relays etc for the pump unit and check they are connected properly
After doing some research I found that a 40A fuse is cracked. It is located in the battery cover.
The middle section of the fuse is thin. Due to heat the length has increased and the middle section has cracked.
I asked gsf parts. They said they don't have it. I will probably get it from dealer.
Hopefully my problem is solved.
Today I went to main dealer to fetch the 40A fuse. After I replaced the broken fuse (not blown fuse) the ABS light is gone. The original fuse lasted 8 years from new. The below post helped me to solve this problem:
The person who wrote this post deserve all the credit. I just followed his procedure. Took a multimeter and checked the continuity of the fuse and found that it was faulty. My total cost is only £3 for this fuse. Many thank to that person.
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well done, its exacly the same fault i had on my missus brothers seat ibiza
garage quoted £400 for a new pump and it was a 50p fuse
You got away lighter than us then, my Son in Laws Polo exibited simular symptoms and the diagnosis was a broken O/S/R abs sensor, a replacement has cured it, but it cost a bit more than 50p. ;)
How do You mean, the fuse is in the battery cover ?

The battery cover is only a piece of black plastic ?

BEst Regards
Open the battery cover. Be careful about battery. Do not short positive and negative terminal accidentaly by screw driver or any other metal. If you open the battery cover then you will find that the fuses are in that cover. This black plastic holds some fuses. I do not know what other fuses does. In my case the right most fuse is for ABS. Hope this helps.
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