Adding a microwave & convection oven to a shared 220 plu

12 Mar 2012
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United Kingdom

Writing from the U.S.

I have an existing 30 amp wall oven in my house and recently purchased a combination microwave/convection oven that will go above it (replacing a 110v microwave). I also have an existing 110 outlet for the microwave.

The manufacturer says the new unit requires 240v, since it's a high watt microwave and convection oven combo. So here's my question: Can I use my existing 220v wall oven outlet and plug in both the existing oven and new microwave/convection oven combo?

Some details that mighth help: A double pull 40amp breaker feeds the outlet from my breaker box. I'm unsure of the wire size but imagine it's up to code (house is 10 years old). Oven calls for 30 Amps (240v), and new microwave/convection oven calls for 20 Amps (240v)--and specifies 30 Amps for "circuit Amps @ 240VAC" --whatever that means!
link to the unit is here if helpful:

Can I wire both to my existing 240v outlet? If not and this requires me to add additional breakers to my service and then run new wiring and an outlet--could I do so by securing the new wires (in conduit if needed) to the interior wall of my garage (instead of cutting into the sheatrock)...and then do the rest of the run under the house like some of my other wiring?

Thanks for any help!
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