Advice - Fitting trellis to top of garden wall

8 Jan 2013
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United Kingdom

Need some advice with fitting trellis.

This is my garden below, as you can see I have bungalows behind me and the garden wall isn't quite high enough to give full privacy.
My house ground floor is a foot higher than where this picture was taken from so we can currently see into eachothers properties.

I'd like to add the below, 30cm high trellis along the wall.

The wall is double brick thickness and is mine, overall height will remain below the legal height etc.
Wall is 15 years old.

I seem to have 3 options but don't know which to go for.....

Option 1. Lay a 10cm x 10cm timber batten/fence post across the top of the wall and drill that into the top of the wall.
Then attach trellis to the front side of the batten

Option 2. Attach a batten horizontally to the side of the wall facing me. It would only be attached to that top layer of bricks though due to the lip that exists on the wall.
Trellis would then be attached to that batten.

Option 3. Attach verticle battens going down the wall, these will go down the wall approx 30cm, and above the wall 30cm. Trellis will then attach to the top 30cm of the battens.


Trellis 30cm high


Personally I think option 1 might be best, but not sure if it's a good idea basically attaching a wooden fence post to the top of the wall horizontally
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Are you paying to have them freighted from Canada? I've looked for a UK distributor and the only one I can find is owned by a t-shirt printing company, mobile phone number only, no physical address, registered at an accountant's office in Swindon. I don't think I'd buy from them :eek:
Yuuuup. I'm going with the t-shirt co. I guess he has shipped a container over and built a website. Going to order just one first to limit risk and will report back.

Wish me luck.
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There is an alternative which has worked really well for me. Exactly the same situation as you face.

I drilled approx 12 inches deep into the top of the wall at appropriate spaces for the trellis. Big hole. approx 30mm dia holes. I used an SDS drill.

Then, I hoovered out the hole I'd created to remove the brick dust. Copper pipe on the end of a hoover to get the suction down the hole.

I then bought some square aluminium box section lengths (25mm) approx 30 inches long. This left approx 18 inches above the wall, which is what i needed for the trellis.

I then glued the aluminium box section into each of the holes using Fischer Resin, see here

This went off quite quickly, so I held in place with adjustable grips, and checked with a spirit level to keep it perfectly vertical.

The resin perfectly sealed the hole around the aluminum section at the top of the brick so there is no water ingress. Used a rag to wipe off excess. Nasty resin can burn your hands. I then put a plastic bung into the top of the box section when the resin was set. You can buy these off ebay cheaply.

To fit the trellis to the aluminium posts just required a metal bracket bolted into the aluminium section. The trellis was fixed approx 20mm off the of the wall, so that the trellis never sits in water - to stop it rotting.

The trellis has been up for 10 years now, with no sign of anything falling apart. I 'painted' the aluminium with wood stain to hide the 'metal look'.

Highly recommended and aesthetically really pleasing as there is essentially no visible fixing to the top of the wall.

Cheers, hope this helps
I've just ordered a single trial titan post anchor. The site uses PayPal so even though there is only a mobile number and no address there is some financial protection. If this sample is OK I'll be order a dozen more. Will report back.

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