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18 May 2013
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United Kingdom
Hi all,
I'd really appreciate some advice on wallpapering two chimney breasts in my house. Each has an arched brick fireplace which runs roughly flush with the newly plastered wall above. The arch is not perfect, and has a bit of a rustic effect from the slightly uneven bricks (the pictures do not show quite how uneven it is). I would like to maintain these bricks but am in debate about whether it is possible to wallpaper neatly to the arch. I've posted a photo to show what I'm talking about (the chimney breast has been stripped and re-plastered since the photo but you get the idea).

I have looked online and can find advice about wallpapering round an open arch where you fold the paper under but that is not possible in this instance as there is no lip. The cut will be visible above the bricks.

I contemplated some type of architrave to cover the finish but think that will look messy unless there is something more subtle designed for or adaptable for this purpose?

I will get paint colour matched with the wallpaper and paint the bricks and just above them in this colour to make the join more discreet. But I could really use advice on how to cut the actual arch or whether this is likely to be so messy that I should avoid papering the area altogether? (that is not my preference)

If you try to cut around the bricks it will be jagged and messy as they are uneven in height and protrusion. I wondered about using something large to cut around and to cut a neat and uniform arch out of the paper BEFORE hanging but I don't know if this is possible, or if you can cut the paper at the ceiling join in this case or measure it all first and only hang a piece specifically cut for purpose (it will need 2 - 3 pieces to cover the width of the chimney breast so the pattern join will need to be factored in too).

I hope this makes sense. I would really appreciate any advice or views as this will be a central feature and as much as I want to achieve it, I want a good finish. Has anyone done anything similar?
Thank you so much

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As i understand it what you want to do is paper to the brick work where you will then trim the paper?

Get some of these

They are very sharp and make a thin cut, you should be able to follow the contour of the top edge between wall and brick. Pierce the paper and let the side of the blade rest against the line between brick and plaster as you gently cut. Trim the brick end (bottom) of the paper first so that if you mess it up you can pull it down a bit.

You could have a practice with lining paper i guess or B&Q type places usually have a bargain bin of patterned paper for a £1 or so a roll.
Thank you for replying. Good idea on the practise run. I hadn't thought of that. Guess I could do that with a sample piece. Are these blades different from an ordinary stanley blade?

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