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Advice: Small leak where conservatory door frame meets exterior wall.

Discussion in 'Building' started by chris370, 31 May 2021.

  1. chris370


    31 May 2021
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    United Kingdom
    Hi, hopefully this is the correct sub forum (might be a mixed render question).

    We have a conservatory that develops a small leak in the corner when it rains and the wind blows in a certain direction (towards the house/wall).

    I've done some testing to try and confirm the source, and it seems to be caused by water ingress in this area (pictured), I would guess a combination of the water collecting in the bellcast and being forced through by the wind.

    Inside near where the door joins the wall starts to become wet and it sort of spreads from there; I think it's about where the bell case would be internally. The internal floor is just about level with the bellcast so the DPM doesn't really help.

    The installers are going to send people to resolve the issue, but I wanted to get some feedback to check the fix they propose won't just be a temporary hack and fail again.

    I appreciate there might be a some different options ranging from a "re-do that whole section", to something like "fill this in and use some primer/weather proofing", but it's not an area I know much about, so I thought I'd ask here just in case the installer suggestion is "whack a bunch of silicone on it".

    Many thanks for any responses/advice.

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