Aerial Power Supply from Lighting

30 May 2022
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United Kingdom
Hi everyone,

I'm after an opinion as to whether this sounds like a reasonable solution...

Basically I'm in a new build where the lighting circuit for upstairs is 2 x 1.0 + 1.0 and the reference method labelled on the box is 1 (enclosed in a wall with thermal insulation) on a 6 Amp breaker.

The loft doesn't have any wiring save for the switched sides of the lights (it's all neutral-to-the-switch) plus a line to the extractor and shaver socket in the bathroom, which by definition must have a non-switched line in them (wired in 3 x 1.0 + 1.0).

I've got a TV aerial in the loft which needs a power supply (see Pic 1) which seems to promise not to draw more than 0.15A. I've created a socket and fused switch in one with a 3A fuse (the smallest I could find, see Pic 2) and was planning on cutting into the 3 x 1.0 + 1.0 cable, taking the neutral, permanent line and cpc through the input side of my fused switch and then back out again to carry on their run, whilst running my socket from the output side into which I would plug just the aerial adapter. I'll also label it clearly.

What are everyone's thoughts on that? Reasonable, or am I going to kill everyone? Incidentally so that no one comes along and plugs in 3 hairdryers and an air con unit I will remove it and Wago-connector it back to it's original configuration before I move out (years away yet, anyway!)


Pic 1

Pic 2

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Yes, perfectly alright.

One who disagrees will disagree without foundation - especially now 1mm² is allowed for 'power' circuits.

You don't really need the fuse but the switch might be useful.
I didn't think I would need it, but I'm paranoid and I thought at least what is in essence a fused spur would be a little more defensible.

Thanks for your help!
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My reply was badly worded... I mean a fused spur would be easier to defend as an idea than an unfused one.
But I can't argue with what you said :D
I would think a 6 amp MCB will trip before a 3 amp fuse ruptures, you can get 1 amp, but if some one plugs in some thing over 6 amp it would simply trip the lights, no real harm done unless loss of light causes the harm.

You can get mast head amplifiers which get power up the aerial lead, so if worried use one of them. Some times powered from TV so TV off no power to amplifier.

I would have no problem powering it from the lights.
My paranoia is slowly dissolving away. Thank you!
They’re always after me. It’s when they catch me the problems are going to start…
You are right to be paranoid. Two tings wrong, no point in a FCU on the lighting circuit. A 3 amp fuse has no discrimination against a 6 amp MCB. More important a 13 amp socket on the lighting circuit is bad practice. You may not plug in a heavy load, someone else might, trip the lights and put a foot through the ceiling or worse. You are in a new build. Don’t let your first job be a bodge. Bring a feed up from the ring behind a bedroom cupboard.

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I might add. Do you actually need an aerial amplifier? I've come across many that are fitted unnecessarily. Signal strengths are pretty good in most places.

I also noticed you have a 5volt power supply. Some TVs have the facility to inject 5volts up the aerial cable making an external power supply redundant.

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