Air Brick Please Help

29 Dec 2015
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United Kingdom
Hi All.

Would love a bit of guidance please.

I have a 15 yo house with concrete floors and cavity walls... now filled with insulation from Eon.

I have air bricks very close to the ground. All the reading I am doing is taking about these for venting under a wooden floor. A couple of pages talk about venting the cavity but there is little info on this use of air bricks the majority of the info is for wooden floors.

Am I right in thinking these are still needed even though I have the insulation.

Can dampness actually come in from these bricks?

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Just how far off of the ground are the air bricks, because as you say, they'd normally be used to provide an airflow under wooden floors. They aren't for the cavity, as you'd have weep holes instead.

Are they below the level of the concrete floor, and can you poke a stick right through them. It's possible that they were put in for a wooden floor, and then a concrete floor installed instead. Is there any evidence of the insulation coming out of the air bricks.
Thaks for the reply.

Been out... twig in hand and yup. I can stick it in really far.

Bricks are varying heights. None are level to solid ground but some level with ornamental stones with hardcore under them. Also some level with some artificial grass I have round the side.. where nothing would grow as it is so dark there. Neighbours seem to vary as well some are level with driveway!

It only really came to my attention as I had work done and old soil removed and replaced with hardcore and these new stones and artificial turf.

I was worried about moisture getting in.

The homeowners guide I have says keep anything 6 inches below the damp proof course... which everything us and it just says make sure the air blocks are free from obstacles in front of them.

But it really got me thinking why do I have them as I have a solid concrete floor which is original.

Thaks again.
It's possible that you have a block and beam floor, rather than a solid concrete one. They may also have used insulation bags, under it, and you haven't gone in far nough to find any. VCheck again with a longer stick.
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Good shout. I thought it was solid... it probably is block and beam. Not sure how to prove but it's a good assumption.

Now I've got myself a situation... sigh.

I have land at side of house which slopes slightly to house. It is made up of hardcore, whin dust and a layer of artificial turf on it. The hardcore should drain well. The stones and dust stop below the air brick but the grass blades cover it a bit.

I'm worried about moisture getting in the airbrick now.

Builder coming back tomorrow but I think this will be hard to get him to rectify. The building regs suggest 75m below the airbrick if slope towards house. It can be at ground level if you have good drainage which... I can't decide if my drainage is adequate or if the slope is steep enough to warrant the 75m.

Joys of home improvement.

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