Altering the fall of last row of tiles and fascia depth

2 Nov 2008
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United Kingdom
Hello all

After seeing my previous, and not old, seamless aluminium guttering leaking at corners and my soffits and fascias rotting at those corners I am having fitted new soffits and fascias and seamless ally again (different roofer), HOWEVER:

This time the roofer has fitted much deeper (ie 2” deeper) fascias and raised the level of the front edge of the overhanging tiles by inserting noggins and fixing deeper tanalised timber fascia back boards ready for upvc fascia capping and the seamless ally to be fitted.

He says he has done this to “slow the flow of the water off the roof” so as to stop the water ingress into the soffits and fascia box , and is also fitting damp proof course material as sarking felt to help (there was felt there before). The problem is that the increased depth of the fascia makes the guttering look “lost” on the expanse of fascia and that the guttering cannot now go round the box ends as they are now at the wrong level.


1 is it correct that the last row of tiles should be at a shallower fall (ie raised up at the leading edge)?
2 is it not necessary for box ends to have their own gutters?
3 is DPC material as good as a fixed rigid drip strip?

Many thanks

PS roofers on site Monday morning after leaving me in eh lurch for weeks, so early replies appreciated!

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the fascia should provide just enough 'kick' as to raise the eaves tile to the 'correct' angle. subsequent tiles therein are provided kick by the previous course of tiles.

so long as the tile still achieves an accepted minimum pitch then it will do no harm.

a gable end does not require the gutter to return the corner unless the down pipe is located at this elevation, or am i understanding your idea of the fascia-et-barge box differently.

we use 12" dpm as an eaves underlayment prior to fixing the first layer of sarking membrane.
thanks for that,

so in cases where there are also aesthetics to worry about as well, there is no real benefit having the last course of tiles at a shallower angle than the penultimate course?

the altered pitch, of itself, surely wont stop water enterng the soffit/fascia void?

if it won't, then surely it is not impossible (or unreasoable) for the roofer to cut down the backing timber and the uvpc board to the dimensions it was origianally?

Box ends: seems we do mean the same thing, thanks.

Roofer did a "no show" today....but "promises" for tomorrow....!


Makes a change, usually they chop an inch or two off the existing timber so they can use a cheaper smaller board.
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think he might be too lazy to cut down the facia cant think of any other reason to do this. make sure he has enough cover over the facia with the first course of tile about 50 mm if he has this there is no way water can get behind the facia and make sure he ventiates adequately aswell
Hi many thanks wsdconst

lazyness is becoming a feature of this job........

anyway, will check overhang and ask for vents to be let in. If worst comes to worst i can let them in as i can access soffit through windows.

Water seems to be leaking from a verge corner mising the gutter, and from a down pipe union to the gutter and elsewhere flowing over the top of the box-end. Excuses by the boys have already been forthcoming, i'd beter do a waer test with them there right? Before or after they mastic more up?



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