Aluminium Windows? Is uPVC Trip Glazed worth it?

12 Aug 2016
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South East
United Kingdom
I currently have aluminium double glazed window. Probably fitted 1990s?.

Most of the windows are failing due to a 5mm gap due to the hinges. I could looking at the hinges replaced.... (but they are non-standard riveted one.... )

Will fitting new windows be better for me?
I don't know if fitting newer double glazing would provide me with more warmth?

At the moment when I touch the glass, it is cold, so I don't know if 'triple' glazing is going to be much better? I think many installed double glazing have a problem with thermal bridging, so cold from outside is being conducted to the inside of the glass. I understand eco-friendly windows, try to break this thermal bridging. So the outer double glazed glass is disconnected in the inner glass, so much warmer. I don't know if there is a proper name for those type of windows?

The other option, go for triple glazing, but I don't know if it is really worth it?

I was burgled a few years ago, and they crowbarred my aluminium window.

So I imagine uPVC will be easier to break, but a local double glazing firm say they can supply uPVC with metal reinforcement.

Are there any firms which are better at aluminium windows or trip glazing specialists?
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Firstly - Just because the hinges are rivetted , doesn't mean they can't be changed...

New Windows..... ALL new windows have to conform to a minimum ' U - Value' of 1.6 , which basically means that they will be energy efficient ( Argon gas, a heat retention gas , and Energy efficient glass as a minimum ). If you have A rated Upvc windows you should have no issues with Thermal Bridging as they use something called warm edge spacer bar , which is basically fibreglass instead of the old aluminium spacer bars .

Triple glazing ... depends how much you have to spend , as a rule it costs about 30-40% more due to more materials needed to make such things as the sealed units ( eg extra pane of glass, extra spacer bar , extra sealant and so on )

Upvc easy to break ...hmm , smashing a pane of glass in the window is much quicker, and modern upvc will be no easier to get into than wood or aluminium...and whether its triple glazed or not will make no difference.

As goes firms specialising in Aluminium or Triple glazed , your best bet is to look at other local firms...or provide the county you are in and someone maybe able to advise

BUT bear one thing in mind a good window fitted badly will not be as efficient as a slightly inferior window fitted very well ...
All good advice by Ronnie there.
Can you post a pic of your hinges? As said just because they are riveted does not necessarily make them much harder to change.

Modern PVC would be a bit warmer, Less conductive plus better spec glass (warm edge spacer, Argon etc).

Triple glazed is not really worth it in this country I would say (maybe in Scotland) the extra they cost is unlikely to be recouped in savings and any future repairs will be more costly.

If you worried about security go for Pas24 or SBD or Document Q rated windows/doors and make sure you get antisnap door locks, Laminated glass, Hinge protectors.
Thank your for the advice....

I went to the Grand Design show and there was UK supplier offering Schueco aluminium windows. I loved the design, they really looked smart and modern design, perfect for my home, but like all things German worried about the price tag!. The windows were 'outward' opening, as a lot of the continental windows were inward opening. I don't know how much price there will be between a uPVC. Or is it possible to fake uPVC covering to give the appearance of metal.

Product Catalogue :
PDF Catalogue for Window :

As for hinges, here are a couple of photos I found on this forum. I believe they are Shaw 305S.

I am worried about calling in a double glazing repair guy and he removes the hinges and can't get alternative hinges to close the windows properly.....




They don't say which exact hinge they replaced them with....
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