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25 Jun 2009
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United Kingdom
Went into bnq this morning for a pack of 3 x 600mm drawers only to be told they dont do them - is this right?

I just dont understand it, I was told to buy a 600mm base unit, a 600mm drawer and door unit and 2 300mm pack of drawer and door.

I Bought 3 packs of soft closing drawer runners which ran up to £200.

I understand once the unit is up and the drawer runners in place the doors should just slide into rthe runner on the front but what I fail to understand is why we need a 600mm door when really we want 3 x 300mm drawers so they all look the same - im lost.

Just opened a 300mm door and drawer unit pack and the 300mm door does not even run 600mm wide so should this of not just been a 300mm x 600mm door.

I get the basics of kitchen building and I can pretty much get to grips with the units but the drawers have lost me.

Sorry for the long winded post but if anyone can help me I would greatly appreciate it, wanted these in tonight to create a little space although the football has slightly sidelined me :D

Thanks again in advance of any replies chaps
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would this be the IT range or the Cooke & Lewis (?) range..

they don't do a 3 draw unit in 600 for the IT range.. they do a 500 unit ( or rather a standard 500 unit with a 500 3 drawer pack..
I wanted one myself.. so now I have a 500 unit and a 100mm gap at the end of the run..

they do do individual drawer boxes as you found out, but the units are not pre-marked for the spacings like the 500 units are..

with the cabinets being 720 tall ( and uppers too ) then the 300 wide doors turned sideways won't work..

the drawer front packs are also different sizes.. there are 2 drawer fronts of one size, and the 3rd is thinner..
Thanks for your reply, the guy in the kitchen area definately said it can be done in the 600mm way and directed us to what we have bought thats why it was more expensive.

Do you think its possible at all to do it the 600mm way and if so with what bits?

Thanks a lot for your help I really am fed up
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it may be possible if you buy 4 drawer packs and 4 drawer line door packs, then throw the door bit away...
kind of wastefull and I'm not certain that the drawers would total the 720mm height...

if it's a plain door you've gone for, you might be able to cut down the width, but then you'd need to edge them..

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