Another combi boiler losing pressure.....(yawn!)

13 Jan 2006
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United Kingdom
Hoping somebody here can point me in the right direction for resolving a problem I've got with my central heating system losing pressure. Heres the relevant info:

Boiler is an Ideal C80FF Gas combi boiler - Serviced by ideal themselves a few months ago
Boiler is pressurised to 1bar and all runs fine however over 2-3 days the pressure drops to 0. Repressurise the system and all is good again.

I've looked through the forums on here and tried the suggestions I've come across. There is not a single drip of water coming from the overflow pipe that goes through the wall ( tied a bag over the end for a couple of days to see....)

The nature of the pipework is such that all the pipes are between floors so I'm fairly sure i'd be aware if there was a leak in the pipework anywhere. None of the pipework runs under the ground floor so there can't be any leaks into the ground that I'm just not aware of.

I also notice that 1 radiator in particular tends to go cold and need bleeding fairly often and theres quite an amount of air that needs to be bled of.

Also if the boiler is not used for several days the pressure does not drop at which would further suggest to me that a leak in the pipework is unlikely as why would it only leak when being run.

Also now I've got a new problem in that when the boiler runs it makes an awful whining noise which I'm guessing may be due to the fact that I've just kept refilling the system with fresh water every few days for quite some time now....I'm guessing from similar posts on here it could be an issue with the boiler scaling up?

So I suppose my questions are this:

1. Erm how do I stop the boiler losing pressure!
2. Where on earth is all this water going - were talking quite a significant amount of water needed every couple of days to pressure the system back up ...I'm worried!
3. Once i've resolved the pressure issue whats the best and/or easiest way to stop the whining noise

I'm rather miffed coz i've already paid quite a bit of money for ideal to come and service the boiler in an attempt to resolve the above issue and its still happening and they say it must be a leak in the system which is not their problem...

Any advise would be greatly appreciated!

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