Any engineers around Aberdeen who knows Potterton Puma 100e?

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Just catching upon this thread, been crazy few days, other half not well and doing taxi service for wee one, just reading all this..thanks to all.

@Agile, thanks and yeah probably very few of the Potterton Puma left suppose..and may be very few expert along with it.

@nickso, your are right (y), this one is on Holland Street red/while blocks and all those blocks have the same Potterton Puma installed around 2001/2003 by Wimpy - have been noticing folks replacing some as we used to walk pass through blocks :unsure: ... hope mine one is not to that stage, and as you said its bit tricky/old style so it needs the one who knows these boilers. One chap came in last week, not sure what he done but indicated minor adjustments to the valve inside the boiler is done and may be OK for now, but heat exchanger is the issue. Agree shouldn't have to adjust taps to get the constant shower temp but initially though this may be because this boilers are not true modulating and hence assumed it does need more flow of water to keep it going (that's what was happening by keep bath tap on low flow)...well it could be true that its wax cartridge is past radiators started hot even no demand of CH and then had to reset/start CH and back to HW to set the cartridge back to normal (presume was stuck but that's roughly year ago, happened ones)... well, I shall ping you PM and appreciate if you able to have a look?

@McCombi, thanks for the check sure keep in mind, will give a shout to Nick and see if he can cover.

and :D ..happy to arrange curry for Tony if he is way to Aberdeen :D
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Sorry but Aberdeen is really too far.

Spent enough time for the BBC in Scotland.

On local Barnet Indian restaurant last year a waiter said he was going to work in Wick!

Thinking is would be easy to search where he was to work I looked up Indian restaurants there and including a take away there were I think a total of five or six!

Never realised just how popular curry is in that area.

Not so on the West coast. Once remember how much I was missing a curry and searched to find it was a round trip of nearly 200 miles to just one place which may not have been very good anyway.

Used to stop off near Alexandria to a place there. Not terribly good but at least it had the Indian menu. After that meal it was a week of frozen food at the seamen's missions and similar less exciting places. I was always pleased to get back to London and civilisation.
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Tony....thanks for those ramblings...most informative. :sleep:

Ktnabd, you have mail. The puma is daft because it uses a flow switch off a diaphragm for DHW demand and then requires the wax capsule to be working for the DHW to actually be delivered to the taps and not the rads....crazy unreliable shizzle. Removing the almost certainly passing diverter can be a **** and it doesn't help that Holland St ones are usually badly boxed in. Happy to have a look though.

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