Any ideas for my garden welcome

29 May 2009
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West Midlands
United Kingdom
Hi all,

I am just looking for a few ideas to help me get motivated to do my garden,

i appreciate that the first thing needed is the wild grass cutting :(

the big mound in the middle is the result of myself last year skimming the top layer of grass/weeds/brambles etc and dumping it along the unseen slab walkway up the centre,

just looking at how much this may cost to get tidy not looking for anything spectacluar at the minute but leveling etc, i am looking at doing all the work myself,
somebody suggested to me, because of the cost of getting somebody to remove the excess soil, instead make a rockery at the end of the garden ?
i am not keen on this idea as at the end of the garden behind the wall is a pavement regulary used and people seem to peer over into the garden, i am also looking for ideas as to what i could do at the end there to gain some extra privicy.
my main concern is the concreted section nearby the house it is very uneven also notice the blocked walkway which meets this,

i was thinking of decking as this is the only real way i can see of leveling this whole area by the house.

i am really looking for any comments and suggestions, thanks in advance.
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Doesnt look much work to me, you should see my garden.
I cant see you needing to get rid of any soil really. Start with strimming the grass. Get a mini skip or a bigger one if needed to get rid of the excess soil and general garden waste. A bit of hard work with a spade/shovel and a wheelbarrow. You could have it done in no time.
Do you mean decking only over the concrete or where the blocks are too ?
thanks for the quick reply, i was thinking of doing that whole area,yes as it is very uneven so covering the whole path and concreted area i did think about
knock the back wall down to get a minidigger in and so that you can get to the skip on the street..

scrape it all back and ditch it all.. blank canvas to start from..

replace wall and add 2ft of trellis and grow something spikey on it, climbing roses or something..
maybe leave a gate in it for rear access?
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Or just have the skip at the front and take the barrow down the side of the house. :eek:
Digging out the concrete and taking up the blocks shoulnt be too hard.
You would no doubt have to do something with the drains too to make good. But that shouldn't be too difficult. Set some posts in and build some decking. Nothing a good diyer cant handle :)
Do you intend returfing or making good the existing lawn ?
now im getting eager, digger sounds fun but also expensive think i might go with the wheel barrow, trellis i also thought about but can imagine some eegit breaking it off from the other side, tho i can think of no other way of doing it other than to carry the fence on at the end ????
thanks for your comments !
Once you start you will get the bug.
Machines are a great timesaver but they also are fairly costly.
For a garden that size I woul just dig and barrow out what you dont need.
Had a quote from a local gardener a couple of weeks ago, he said he could take away the excess muck and level the whole area for £160 concidering the cost of hiring a rotervator and skip think this might be my best option.
a skip alone = 120 quid mark
rotervator = 50/60

apparently you need a licence to transit soil, is this something i should check with a gardener or is it down to him ?
eg im not going to get into trouble if i dont check ??
If you use a skip you need a licence if its in the road, but thats usually in with the cost of the skip. How much waste do you expect to have ?
Do you mean from the side of the house to build decking ?
Hiring a rotovator only costs about £30/ day. You would only need it for a day. Small skip or medium skip about £100 maximum.
Some hard work, maybe get a mate to help clearing. No major expense.
Get stuck in. Start with the lawn. Returf ? Strim the grass remove the lump. Hire a turf cutter and remove top layer. Rotovate then rake nice and level and remove any little stones and weeds etc. screed with river sand and lay your turf. Easy.
Theres a bit more to it than that. But just details you can learn as you need.
Cost of hiring a skip + rotovator + turf cutter in my area would be about £210
where abouts in the WM are you craig?

I'll see if my cousin can get you a minidigger cheap...
hi coljack,
thanks for the offer but i have suitable access up the side of the house and good location on the front garden to ditch a skip without paying to have it on the road.
thanks again tho

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