Anyone Ever Met Someone From A Forum?

13 Sep 2010
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Wrong side of The Channel
United Kingdom
I did once, totally by chance. Was on hol in Prague and went out to one of my favourite pubs there (Pirvni Pivni Tramway). Pub is right out on the edge of the city at the terminus for number 11 tram - amongst the sprawling concrete Commy-era tower blocks. Anyway having a few Pilsners in there and got chatting to another Brit. Not unusual to find the odd Brit in there as although it's very local, it's a very special pub with a quality beer and whisky selection.

Anyway, one of us mentioned that we get lots of info by using the Trip Advisor Prague forum. The other said yes, so do I. When we told each other our TA user names we realised that we had communicated with each other many times on the TA site. The chances of us both being in Prague, in that pub, at the same time, and speaking to each other must be millions to one.

Has anyone met someone from this or another forum - either by accident or design?
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Not quite met, but I drove past Mottie eating a pasty in my home town
I once met myself! I was so disappointed!!!
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Yes - I have assisted a few people sort Non Mol orders who have been harassed by ex's in prison. It's easier to talk through the process face to face and avoid giving formal advice that would otherwise cause an issue.
Andy Drain I met the other week. Been talking for a while. He helps me out with Drainage issues
I'm on a fish forum for my marine fish tank. Regularly meet folks to buy/sell/swap fish/coral/equipment. All nice folks.
Yes two people on this site not from general discussion part though afaik

Mind you given the amount of fruit cakes posting in here I would not want to :giggle::giggle:
they used to have curry nights for CC members
But yep met some/ worked with some and worked in some of their families houses
I was on a site Poms in Oz years back.

A pozzie avatar was her and her husband through chats I learned that he was a bus driver.

I see him once when I had to clear the sewer pit at a Brisbain bus depot.

It was like seeing a film star.
Ive met a few people on a woodworking forum, one who was retired from Eastbourne was after some scrap wood to make birdboxes to sell for charity, when I had a joinery shop I used to give him offcuts of oak and iroko every couple of months -each time enough to fill his hatchback boot completely.
Used to have regular meet ups with people from the Lotus Cortina register when I had one. Regular meeting place was the Halfway House on the A127. I also met others from another car forum I was on for restored/modified cars when I built a replica RS2000. Again, this was at the Halfway house - lots of car clubs meet up there. I met others from a Landrover forum but not socially - mainly when I was buying or selling stuff. Obviously, this was all pre-Brexit., :ROFLMAO:
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