Anyone had Ad.yieldmanager?

22 Jun 2009
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United Kingdom
Hi, I consider myself a bit of dunce with PCs but usually manage to do what I need but I'm really stuck on removing Ad.yieldmanager. Its supposed to be a cookie but after deleting cookies, temp files, scans with AVG , defender, malwarebytes and checking other sites I'm at a loss. Im running vista on a laptop and the fan is driving me mad. Any ideas?.......... please
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Thanks JohnD

Tried the free one which picked up a more stuff than AVG but Ad.yieldmanager is still there. I can see it briefly pop up on the progress bar when on IE8.
If it is really just a cookie, I would use "Tools" "internet Options" "Privacy" "Sites" "Block"

You could also (afterwards) do "Tools" "internet Options" "Security" "Restricted Sites" "sites" "Add"
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Ive already done that which prevents pop ups but reading other sites its supposed to be 'like' a cookie but acts as spyware. It does not seem to be malware or spyware so the anti software doesnt pick it up. If that makes sense.
If it is only a tracking cookie:
Download and install Ccleaner
When installing, watch out for the tick box that will install the Yahoo Toolbar if left ticked
Once installed, click Check For Updates (bottom right of the screen)

Ccleaner. Initial Setup and Operation.

After initial setup, all settings will be saved and only the Instructions In Bold Underline need be
carried out to run Ccleaner on a regular basis

Options -> Cookies
Transfer all the cookies that you recognise and use to the righthand column. (This only needs to be done
once OR prior to cleaning when you have visited new sites that may have lodged cookies for sign-in

Options -> Settings
Tick -> Auto check for updates
Dot -> Normal File Deletion ( You can change this if you want to over write the deleted files for securer

Options -> Advanced
Tick -> Only delete files in Temp. . . older that 48 hours.
Tick -> Show promt to backup.
Untick -> All other Options.

Tools -> Uninstaller
Handy for uninstalling and also if you have uninstalled using Add/Remove but the name remains in the list, click it in this list and click Delete Entry.

Tools -> Startup
Saves going into Start -> Run -> msconfig to disable programs from running at Startup and you can remove items from the startup list.

Cleaner -> Windows Tab
Tick IE to put a tick in all, then Untick Autocomplete form history
Tick Win Explorer to put a tick in all.
Tick System to put a tick in all, then Untick Clipboard, Start Menu Shortcuts & Desktop
Leave Advanced unticked.

Cleaner -> Application Tab
Tick All Boxes except Saved Form Information if there is a non-IE browser section.

Click Registry, Tick Registry Integrity to put a tick in all boxes in the list.


With all browsers shut down click Cleaner then Analyze.
When complete, click Run Cleaner, the Are You Sure screen will popup, click OK

Click Registry, then Scan For Issues
When complete, click Fix Selected Issues.
The offer to Backup will show, click Yes.
It will offer to save in My Documents, click Save.
Then click Fix All Selected Issues, OK.
Then Close.

Keep Ccleaner installed and run the Cleaner section about once a week to tidy up any leftovers from browsing etc.

Thanks dave.m

Fantastic tool. It found Ad.yieldmanager, the only time Ive found a reference to it but alas its still there.
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