Applying Silicone sealant

22 Nov 2006
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United Kingdom
Good Morning :)

What is the best method to apply the silicone sealant around a bath?

Should you cut the nozzle near the tip and apply a small thin bead then smooth it off with your finger?

Or should you cut the nozzle wider so it leaves a fatter bead and try to leave a good joint in one go?

I tend to do the finger method but as Ive never been shown and only taught myself I thought I would ask the pro's :D

And are the silicone application tools any good?

Also how long to leave the bath full for?

So many questions :oops:

Cheers all

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Alright Boons me owd mucker!

Here's a fool-proof method that gives a perfect finish.
Clean and dry the area - use meths. Mask off a nice straight line (top and bottom of the joint) using either masking tape or electrical tape (electrical tape sticks to tile better than masking tape).
Fill the bath with cold water.
Apply a bead of sealant to the joint then run along the bead with your finger in one continuous movement. You now have the perfect amount of silicone for the seal.
Remove the tape as soon as you've done this. When removing the tape, you'll have pulled the edge of the seal a little, so you need to go over the whole seal again with a wet finger.
You should now have a perfect seal around your bath.
Drain the water from the bath after around 4 hours when the sealant has gone off.
Hello me old son

That sounds like a plan, Ill give that a go.

Cheers Boss:cool:

P.S I sent you an email ;)
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seeing as your other post asks how to remove it i take it it didnt go too well?
breezer said:
seeing as your other post asks how to remove it i take it it didnt go too well?

It went well :)

I am always looking to hear other peoples methods, If a better idea comes along, Ill give it a shot.
No matter how you apply silicon, sooner or later (usually sooner) you have to remove it and start all over again.

Great for the silicone manufacturers and their retailers
Bad for you and your pocket ££££££££££££££££££££

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