Aquarius WD62 no fixed



After a wash and dry, the clothes were hot to the touch, but the power had failed.

I've had many problems with this machine; main motor failed, tripped main fusebox, heat exchanger plate snapped, so blower fan catching, and assembly detached, x 2, restrictor valves destroyed, causing flooding, a wire severed to the heater, hanging in the wind. All repaired.

I've only just been told of the latest fault, so not had chance to check the 13A fuse, but would have expected it to go BANG, if that went, so on a drying spin, and the main motor not failing (fingers crossed), what would cause the latest breakdown? My fiance says she smells burning, but I smell a toffee type smell? Maybe something melted?

If clothes hot to the touch, maybe the belt broke, and the machine shut down? guys have the the faults ring a bell? I can't believe it's broken down so many times.
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How old is it? Sorry I know it does not help with the fault, but you may have a case for "not of merchandisable quality" & therefore a claim for a replacement.
Mc is 12 years old. Check the on/ off switch for melted contacts and pcb for a burnt track. Also poss door lock o/ c
Mc is 12 years old. Check the on/ off switch for melted contacts and pcb for a burnt track. Also poss door lock o/ c

That age is about spot on I think, I initially suspected mains fuse, so changed it, and when inserting plug, forgot that m/c was still switched on, huge flash from plug, so tried unplugging main motor, tried again, not realising that mains power was then tripped at the fusebox. So proceeded to check pcb for burnt tracks etc, no damage found, but no evidence of any type of psu, mains comes in, thru filter, into switch, into a device with a pipe feeding into it (anyone know what that is?), a dropper? then straight to pcb.

So, last time that happened, motor broken, I know that I can get it tested/repaired again, at least a start, I'd also suspect door lock as 2nd opinion. Last time it was tested, after if blew the mains trip, the guy in the shop, very helpful, told me beforehand how to remove it etc, smiles, took it into the back of the shop to test, next thing, all you heard was BOOM!!!!! He came back to the counter, looking shaken, Yup the motor is faulty!

What a piece of junk this machine has been. I don't know the answer; but if a washing machine is custom fitted into a space, or allowed a bit of space to vibrate it's outer shell? As the drum is sprung and dampened, does it matter? Equal and opposite forces vs dampers and springs? Also would it be normal for a motor to fail twice in 12 years? I've replaced a few car alternators down the years, similar in design, but get a lot more use. Bring out the twin tub again, and the mangle I say! NAY to the overly complicated, always failing front loader. BOO!!
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Tested main motor, works OK, back to the drawing board, either suspect heater, heater motor, or main switch, or door interlock..????

Any further ideas ,esp Rocks1, I've Googled the fault, and only me and you are coming up mainly, nicely referenced site!
Too early to BUMP? Dryer motor, mains switch? What would cause this failure?
Check the door lock switch and the main on off switch stick a continuity tester on it.
Tested the condensor, short against live/neutral, all ways round...Need to fit the replacement £4...


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