Aquarius 1200W WD62 Washer Dryer BANGING!!!



I posted another thread about this but lost it; but without model number for a guess.

The banging noise finally did my nut in, so I stripped it down, and found various random screws at its base. Where these are from I have no idea.

Closer inspection at the top reveals the heat exchanger(?), snapped off its metal plate from the top of the drum again. So need a metal plate to relocate it, and also the pump had a screw missing, possibly due to the vibration of the heat exchanger coming loose, but also, how many faults on one machine, and it still works? the fan next to the heat convertor is damaged, due to being in contact with the heat exchanger? And finally, and most worrying, a big bunch of wiring had been resting against the motor, and one of the wires was burned through, and shorting out on the motor, the wire goes to some sort of sensor on top of the heat convertor, perhaps as a mechanism to prevent overheat, as there are two sensors there, maybe one as a backup? As the machine has worked OK, without this sensor attached!

So the machine is fully functional, even with a wire detached, and shorting out! But this metal plate is sheared off AGAIN! and am told that Hotpoint don't sell them?

Prior to this, the metal plate was replaced from a scrap model, new door seal, new motor, and restrictors replaced. Besides that it's reliable.

This plate shearing is obviously a design fault, as it's happened twice in less than 10 years, has anyone a part number? or privvy to a replacement metal bracket?

I cannot get my head round that this machine is still working with so many faults. But now in bits. What is the sensor on the heater, that was disconnected (there are two of them), one good, one disconnected, and how could it possibly work with a large rubber grommet that fell out? Plus a wire shorting against the motor? Jeez! And how long has it been like that?
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I got the metal plate welded, repaired the burned out wire, and the machine is as sweet as a nut. Thanks for the replies. (NOT!)
If I'd known you wanted replies, I could have added one to say I don't know the answer.
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If I'd known you wanted replies, I could have added one to say I don't know the answer.

That's a fair answer. On a forum that has washing machine engineers, I would have thought a fault that happens twice on one machine in less than 8 years might be more common, and someone might have come across this before.

But to be frank, there seems to be so much traffic regarding faulty washing machines and white goods, that any engineer would have to work full time just to answer the questions posed, as they seem like such unreliable pieces of junk. I posted regarding this previously, and even I couldn't find my own post, this was a re-post!

Even the shop that replaced the origional plate said they had never come across this before, but it wasn't me that took the 2nd plate back to correct them..ho hum..fingers crossed all is well tomorrow when the missus takes my socks for a spin.

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