Ariel socket problems

6 Dec 2005
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United Kingdom
hi I have 2 ariel sockets and 2 TVs one in the kitchen and one in the living room but if the tv in living room isn't on standby the one in the kitchen hasnt got a signal? The ariel socket in the living room goes into a signal booster then into a bt vision box,anyone got any idea why it needs the other tv on standby
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It's a bit odd that one. If it wasn't for the signal booster behind the lounge TV then my first inclination would be to investigate whether the second TV socket has been wired daisy-chain fashion from the first. The more I think about this the more questions there are: Why the need for the booster just to get the signal a very short distance to the BT box? Is it really a booster or actually a power supply for a masthead amp? Are the wall sockets unshielded? What's the quality of the cable like? etc etc

There's not yet enough info in what you've told us so far to make a clear and concise diagnosis. We could do with some better descriptions of how things are wired and the model number of this 'booster'. It would also be helpful if you could whiz off the covers from the two aerial sockets and take a couple of pictures of what's on the back of each wall plate.
signal booster behind the lounge TV
This could be just a power supply sending 12 volts up the co-ax to to a mast head amplifier.

If by "" the tv in living room isn't on standby"" yoi mean the box behind the TV does not have mains power then that explains it. No power to the mast head amplifier means no signal from the aerial to any of the sockets in the house.
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With my mothers TV and mast heat amplifier the power now comes from the TV, originally it came from a small power supply however this was auto shutting down after a short time, and reading the info on TV one could configure the TV to give out power on the aerial socket. Both TV's are LG. I can see some one else coming into the house would have a problem as not all TV's have a power output for the mast head amplifier.

Before setting the TV to output power often my dad would go to bed and switch everything off at the wall which would cause mothers TV to fail. I have never tested to see if the power is removed from mast head amplifier when in stand-by or non TV input. I know a Sky box still powers the LNB in stand-by in order to receive program changes. As far as I know this is unique to Sky, my free to air box on stand-by uses less power than I can measure so that does not power the LNB on stand-by, which is really better as it saves power. So I would expect when the TV is on stand-by then the power to aerial socket is switched off. Good reason to power with TV not a separate power supply.

Some aerial sockets have braid breaking capacitors to stop you getting a shock from static build up on the aerial these will not pass DC with a mast head amplifier you can't use this type, also they stop digi-eye from working with sky box. As long as this type of aerial connection is not used, or any of the Y connectors which have resistors in then you may be able to go into the TV's menu and select power output.

The picture shows how to select power out on my mothers TV likely something similar on yours.

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