assenta G4 panel fault inherent in the program

10 May 2009
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United Kingdom
I recently fitted an alarm optima G4, on completion i found that the alarm kept going off on entry time out it keeps showing that zone 3 is at fault but on the entry door is zone 1 and zone 3 is the dining room in another room not any where near the entry door. so i changed the zone to 4 and the same thing happened, going through the program all was set up ok, so i spoke to Honeywell technical and they told me it was a fault that in the program on the G4 panels and that 4 zones had to be use in the panel for it to work, so if only 2 or 3 zones are used then the other zones must be linked out but not set as used in the program so a total off 4 zones are used for the panel to work,the next panels will be sorted so they work as normal
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Strange one, not heard of this.
Even stranger that Honeywell talk to non trade.
I have a spare panel in the shed and will try this tomorrow and see.

If a zone is set as unused then linking it should not make any difference, we shall see.

Heard this before about the Galaxy range and it was bull sh1te then.

Watch this space!!
yes i thought it strange to by the way i did give my company name they also said that some panels have been reported that when the exit time is finished the entry time starts right away, it is to do with the same program fault but should be ok on setting the zones as 4 i have never had a fault with the G4 but saying that i usually set 4 or more zones so the problem would not be present thanks for the reply bazzz I WILL TAKE A SPARE PANEL WITH ME JUST IN Case i will be sorting it out Sunday
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Wil hvae to take you word the one in the shed is the Gen4 with RKP.
Works fine.
MAYBE THE PANEL YOU HAVE IS TO OLD TO BE ONE THAT IS FAULTY i have a Gen 4 about 3 years old and is fine to so maybe it is the recent batch that has the fault cheers bazz
Maybe your incorrect as it is less than one year old and I am going to use it on a barge.

No need to shout.
didn't mean to shout, but did you try the alarm with only zone 1+3 wired up and open 1 as i did with no other links in, not sure when this batch came into play maybe in the last 6 months or so, i also picked up a panel i am fitting in an office block at work and that has the same fault 3 out of 3 not bad all with on-board keypad, by the way what do you think of the L C D key pads or do you prefer the L E D one cheers bazz
I tried it as you said, no point otherwise.
As someone who has had manuals rewritten,I take seriously errors like this and always assist the manufacturers where possible.
Makes life easier for the engineers and end users.

LCD is far better. For end users and programming.

PS mine is blank end station, could be a difference there.
Hate having the panel on the entry route, that went out of fashion with the Scanny 9100/9200.
good straight talking guy alarm nice one, i was wondering do you know of a panel similar to the logic 6, as i need to fit one in my sisters house next door has been broken into and she feels very vulnerable she is 83 and petrified of the alarm going off, she lives upstairs and i will alarm downstairs with shock sensors and contacts but is their a n easy set alarm such as the ligic 6 no keys and no buttons, i thought that Honeywell would have a facility for an extra keypad on the logic 6 but unfortunately not she needs to set it upstairs and down stairs any help appreciated she has to use a stair lift thanks again bazz she doesn't like keys and buttons the key fob would be the answer
you may be able to connect a simple set reader to that panel, im not sure though await a confirmation
Logic 6 has proximity, but not much range.
Simple set will not work with it.

Simple set compatible panels

8EP395: Optima G3
8EP396: Optima Compact G3
8EP396A: Optima Compact Gen4
8SP400: Accenta Mini G3
8SP399A: Accenta Mini Gen4 with LCD Keypad
8SP400A: Accenta Mini Gen4 with LED keypad
8SP401: Accenta G3
8SP419A: Accenta Gen4 Metal with LCD keypad
8SP420A: Accenta Gen4 Metal with LED keypad

So would be a virtually direct replacement panel, just a new bus line upstairs for the new reader (4 per panel).
thanks again alarm never give them a thought i have just repaired a g3 that had a charging resistor burned out so i put a new 47 ohm resistor in and all works fine i will get 2 simple set keypads and set it up for her i am sure she will use it as you cant get any easier to use system regards bazz will put the control panel under the stairs and a simple set pad by the entry door and one upstairs with a PA also they are so vulnerable at that age just hope i make it

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