Audi A1 servicing menu

7 Feb 2008
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United Kingdom
'Service due' came flashing up on the dash board the other day.
Audi A1, 61 plate, 1600 Tdi.
Thinking as this was my first 'prestige' vehicle (if thats the correct term) and realising the value of a stamped service book :p I thought I'd play along and book the car in to Audi for its first oil change. (14000 miles).
The service receptionist agreed that the car needed its oil and filter changed, together with a 40 point 'visible' check.
'How much will that be?' Sez I.
'£288' came the reply :eek: 'But the car will be washed for you'.
Errr thanks but no thanks......I'll take my chance at trade in time!
Quantum Oil (5W30 full synthetic, genuine filter and sump plug - £45).
John :)
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Yes and to put the tin hat on the thing, a 2nd year apprentice on autopilot doing 1 every 45 minutes. Visual check, ticking the boxes ...........
Don't get me wrong, I have nothing against apprentice mechanics (any age) but people think the service manager will be on the job, just because its a main dealer service.

Did she mention the courtesy mini valet?

Wonder, can you reset the service light with the mileage reset button trick?
The mini valet was indeed mentioned :p but as for the service indicator, its a phrase, rather than a spanner icon. That will probably defeat me!
Anyway, job done.....I'll probably keep the motor 6 years so in which case no one will worry about the service book.
John :)
We all know horror stories
a college took his in for a service 40k and a week later noted that the brakes where noisy turn out the main dealer confirmed the brakes where good on service and then there was none lol down to 15% efficiency
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Thanks for the interest gents!
I'll let you know how I get on.....truthfully, all this messing about with various messages etc tends to drive me nuts, but I'll get there eventually.
At least now I know that its a common rail engine, whereas I thought it was a PD one! Noticed a small pool of oil in the injector wells on cylinders 3 and 4 so I'll keep an eye on that.
John :)