What's a R pack and F pack when car serviced



What an R pack and F pack when getting your car serviced. Car got oil and filters changed and R pack. It's a Kia Ceed 1. 6 CRDi

The service book is stamped and wrote full service and R pack and then there's another service that is stamped that's says oil change and filters and F pack.
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'F' Front brake pads??
'R' Rear brake pads??

Just a complete guess as Google doesn't shed any light.
Another guess - I would think it refers to the replacement service items, really......you should get oil and a filter at every visit, with plugs, air filter etc maybe every other one?
It doesn't sound like a Kia / Hyundai scheme - maybe its the individual dealer.
John :)
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A few X Renault dealers over here have reluctantly started selling KIA, after been found fiddling Renault warranty.

So it could be code for anything