B n Q mixer tap problem

20 Nov 2005
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United Kingdom

The image is a "timeless" ceramic basin mixer. We cannot get water to flow through the hot side of the mixer. It is fed by a Brittony water heater so the pressure is slightly less than mains but the design of the tap is such that the mixer part of the tap is connectected to the hot (and cold) feeds by a flexi connector that by design is severely kinked double in order to connect the hot feed to the central part of the tap.
The tap is designed at 0.2 bar and the cold flows through ok however the flexi design means the hot is so restricted it only trickles through.
Has any one come across this type of problem before ?
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Yeh, the minute you kink the hose te flow stops. either that or they split. take the hose out and replace with a a new one. or alternativly hard pipe it. you can get pipe that reduces down to the size of inlet you have on the tap. for good measure buy a M10 and M12 set that way you get the right one ;)
Problem is the flexi's are supplied by the tap manufacturers ! The only way to connect mixer part is to kink the flexi .
Problem is the flexi's are supplied by the tap manufacturers ! The only way to connect mixer part is to kink the flexi .

Don't fit em then and buy the copper ones as i suggested. If you read the instructions it should tell you not to fit in this manner. And no claim arising from incorrect fitting will be valid. Other words they burst and flood your house your stuck :rolleyes:
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Where does the hot and cold feed pipes actually connect to.

How long are the fliexi's and do they connect the tap levers to the spout.
There is a manufactured connector to connect the central mixer, two flexi pipes come in the box bent over double in order to connect to the hot and cold tap levers. seems top be a really bad design and simply wont allow the slightly lower pressure hot water from water heater to flow through.
I am guessing the 2 flexi's feed from hot and cold valves in a 'U' shape to the central spout? Cant see hard piping being an option in which case I would return it to B & Q and request an alternative, its obviously unfit for purpose.

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