Backerboard tape question

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That looks like the Mapei tape that is included with their tanking kits - it is not adhesive, but is bedded down into the tanking compound; it's used to reinforce corners and joints...

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Could anybody recommend some self adhesive tape for this purpose please? Ta
You need to use a liquid adhesive to 'stick' your sealing tape mentioned in your first post (like the mapei ). Works almost like plasterboard jointing tape and filler

Either that or a self adhesive waterproof jointing tape that are supplied for use with backer boards, lots of proprietary makes available
Hi all, still not got round to finishing this job (missus is well please lol….) do I need tape at all? I have backboards installed and I am going to fit full panels on each of the 3 walls with the corners and bases siliconed, the shower panel joints will be vertical and the joints of the aqua boards behind will be horizontal, I don’t envisage water getting behind the shower panels if I install them correctly.

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Is it worth taking the chance for the sake of fixing some tape? If you have the joint sealing tape already then just use any adhesive type material, even water resistant tile adhesive thinned down to a yogurt type consistency will do, paint it on the surface, stick on the tape, paint more over it and then use a wide scraper to flatten out and leave to dry.
Or can somebody recommend me some self adhesive tape that will do the job please? Thanks all
water resistant tile adhesive
Just a thought, if this is just for the vertical joins then yes that would probably work, maybe better with a similar flexible one though but if you are doing wall to wall or wall to floor corners then you really want something flexible like a liquid rubber or similar.

Only self adhesive tape you're liable to get is butyl based - Butyl Sealing Tape

Not cheap though
Ordered the tape thanks Madrab, really appreciate your help (and patience).

I have attached a picture of my current progress, my next steps are as follows.

Fix the tape to the backer board joins horizontal and vertical
Install the shower tray on self adhesive legs, the last shower had a flexi pipe are these still used?
Seal the tray to the 3 wall edges with silicone
Install the corner trim
Not decided on bottom trims yet or fix direct to the tray with silicone (help please)

The boards are 8x4 so the only joins will be in the corners, top and bottom, looking for the safest method of no leaks here please

Install shower
Install door (not bought this yet)

Next job, learn tiling for the floor lol.


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Install the tray on self adhesive legs?? ... i.e. a riser kit?

Really hate to say it but if possible, please don't, riser kits are terrible things and they are not reliable longer term. Lost count of how many showers I've had to repair after a riser kit has allowed movement in the tray and the wall to shower waterproof seal has eventually gone. They do not support shower trays properly. You should really build a plinth so the tray will sit flat and steady.

What is the tray made of?

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