Basement Water Penetration

Thanks Freddymercurystwin for the valuable helpful advice. I have seen a number of websites and there are some great details i.e. - some useful info and will be at Grand Designs Live - useful info and a good pdf.

I have seen the deltamembrances pdf as suggested by yourself earlier.

But as kevintaylore mentioned what can be done to "try and minimise seepage of water through the concrete" ? My major bug bear as I keep harping on about it.

So with this in mind I may ask for another "opinion" via an onsite visit. I don't mind paying a little extra now for this. I would rather pay the money now to ensure it is completed correctly than pay for repairs to problems that may emerge later due to a slack finish.

Regards, KSG. :)
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But as kevintaylore mentioned what can be done to "try and minimise seepage of water through the concrete" ? My major bug bear as I keep harping on about it.
You need to get over this physocoligical barrier you have with water seeeping through the wall. If no water was able to seep through the wall you wouldn't need to stick a membrane on it in the first place would you?

There's not really anything that can be done, you could stick a bitumous type membrane to the wall but this normally involves building a skin of blockwork up infront of it to stop the water pressure blowing it off the wall. Not to mention that that's a completely different way of waterproofing which believe me is a lot more unforgiving than the Delta System, there'd be no point then having the Deleta System as well. If some lime in the water corrodes the pump you'll have to replace the pump every so often but you'd have to do that anyway. Its a downside with this type of system I suppose, this system does need a little maintainance but the installation is a lot more forgiving or would be if the builder knew what he was doing.
would it be an idea to paint a bitumin paint on it before you go any further or stick a damp proof membrane on it before you cover it all up.
a good website to help you look things up is
Thats hardly fixing the problem though is it? Do you understand how the system he's used is supposed to work? How would you stick insulation and plasterboard to a dpm withought penetrating it? :rolleyes:
yes i understand i use riw or grace products
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The only way to stop water seeping through the concrete is to waterproof it from the outside but in your case that is not possible.
Hi All,

Thanks for all your help, after posting to this site, getting your thoughts, some research and chatting to a few people I am more "comfortable" with the idea of the water.

I still have other issues to work out with the builder. But I must say I am more at ease. Thanks for all the valuable advice.

I shall take up all the comments. I shall also post more photos as things progress.


P.S. - The people at Peter Cox were very helpful as they allowed me to talk to their surveyor too.

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