Bath-mounted Shower Screen frame to 'out-of-true' wal

25 Feb 2007
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United Kingdom

I am needing to fix a 4 panel folding shower screen to the side of my bath, but the wall to which I have to affix the support bracket runs "out of true" away from the vertical the higher it gets. This results in the screen sitting out of the support bracket higher up so that it cannot be screwed in evenly along its entire wall-side edge within the bracket.

Can anyone give me any advice on making the wall "true" so that I have a straight edge to fix the bracket to; through a shaped baton for instance or by using wedges and expandable foam higher up?
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Crikey that sounds like it's way out of true. How far out are we talking here? Hold a spirit level against the wall and measure the gap at the top of the screen (or the bottom depending on which way it's out) when it's vertical.
You obviously either don't need help or you can't use a tape measure. Either way, I give up before I spend anymore time on this "problem". :rolleyes:
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Oddly I once fitted a glass showr screen - never again.

Have never seen a decent one in a hotel either, they all leak, get in the way or are covered in mould or all three.

The mounting will be in two parts, one which screws to the wall (ideally on top of the tiles) and the second which you then screw to the first setting the second vertical. This should be adequate.

Anything you use to make the wall vertical, rather than the way most manufacturers do it (as above), needs to be able to handle water long term so best done before you tile.
Oh I see now, so you were meaning that they all suffer from one of the following complaints: it leaks, it gets in the way, it gets mouldy. And that some suffer from all three. Hmmm after careful consideration, I can state that on all three counts that the one I have suffers from none of the above complaints and I'll tell you why:
1. I bought a decent one that was of the correct size.
2. I fitted it properly.
3. The one I bought is well designed so that it doesn't have water pooling in nooks and crannies so that Mrs gcol can easily keep it clean.

Just because you've never seen a decent one does not mean that they don't exist. ;)
Point taken - however you don't know which the good ones are until you have seen one a year after it was installed!
In truth, the first 2 screens that I bought had rubber strips between the panels that came away eventually with all that folding and unfolding.

I now have one that has hinges rather than the rubber strips in between, so I am hopeful of something a bit more long-term.

Originally I saw one for £212, but managed to get a cheaper version for £95, although the former did have a separate sealant strip that laid along the rim of the bath for the screen to lock in against.

There is still an issue, however, with it not sitting in a true vertical plane.

Thanks for your input, eveyone.
I think the only way to get over it, is make a timber wedge batten and covered it with upvc, then put another upvc on the outside, let say a 50mm upvc wide strip so it doesn't look like a wedge shape

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