Bath / Shower mixer strip down

13 Nov 2008
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United Kingdom
This mixer tap has a lever which sends the water to the bath or to the shower head.
Yesterday the water was coming out of both at the same time. I’ve taken out the Allen bolt & removed the lever to then remove the valve.
looking then in the mixer body is a plastic item which moves up/down depending on where the lever is positioned. I removed a broken seal which must be my problem.

So my question is how do I remove the mixer to fit a new seal ?

I dont really want to undo the two chrome nuts as marked by the red arrow But I don’t see how else to spin/undo the tap spout & shower head cradle to get to where the seal needs to go.
I can’t find a video either.
Can you advise please.


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Yup, if the tiles are in the way then whole tap needs to come off, after the water is turned off.
I assume that the prt in question has a screwdriver a lot so it can be removed.

So to undo it so I undo the tap spout or the cradle.
Once done I should see the part I need to unscrew.
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Once you undo the handset cradle and the diverter valve handle is removed then the shuttle should just pull up and out. It may be sprung and remember the orientation before removing.
Two main questions here.
Is it undo the cradle to get to the part OR tap spout ?

Can the Hot water be turned off at the boiler etc ?

I ask because when the bathroom was installed the bath panel which has wall tiles on it was made / fitted etc in such a way it’s going to break.

If the tap spout is the part I need to undo then the whole taps need to be removed.

If the cradle is the part I need to remove the with the taps off I can undo the cradle
With having to remove all of the taps from the bath.
With having to remove all of the taps from the bath.

Either way just loosen the the nuts you marked with a red arrow and remove the tap if required. No need to remove the bath panel.
Removing the bath panel is the access to turning off the water to the bath
You must be able to isolate the hot and cold elsewhere ,but that would affect other outlets too. Do you have a combi boiler ,or other system ,gravity fed hot water cylinder for instance.
There is nothing in the loft and the boiler is on the wall.
Whilst doing this i can live for a while not using any other tap etc.

The boiler is a Worcester
Worcester make lots of boilers ,the question was ,is yours a combi ?
If it is ,close your cold water mains stopcock ,turn electric supply to boiler off ,and turn on ALL taps in the property to drain water out.
Stock up with drinking water first.
Isloate supplies where you can. Drain as necessary. Remove tap body from pillars. Cap pillars and reinstate supplies if you need time to investigate and obtain parts but need water back on in the rest of the house... That's plumbing for you.

Oh, and make a mental note to ensure bath access in the future when refurbing a bathroom... If your bath trap gets truly blocked or fails, you're in for a smashing time! :)
My main question for which will solve iot for me is, Do i need to undo the tap spout OR shower cradel ?

this will then depend of isolating water etc
Dunno... You're the one in front of it!
Isolate supplies and reverse engineer it...
That's how I'd deal with an unknown product... But then I'd also be trying to ring the manufacturer and asking for some tech support/drawings etc!
I very much doubt that the spout can be removed from the tap body. Can you see any evidence ,like a split line ,of a join between the two ?
I would expect that access to the diverter inner parts would be from the top ( cradle ) and the lever at the front.
And I suspect ,but am not certain, that the cradle can be removed with the tap " in situ" ,by unscrewing the collar where the stem of the cradle meets the body.

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