bathroom light wire

4 Aug 2008
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United Kingdom
i just changed the light in my bathroom, and noticed it has been wired as follows:

the 2 feeds coming in for the light first go into a junction box, then to the light. the earth wire for these 2 feeds dont go tot he junction box, they go into a seperate connector block. the pull cord earth wire also goes to the connector block, and the other 2 wires (red n back) into the junction box.

is there a better way to wire this up, or is this ok? everything seems to work fine, but i dont see why all the earths are not feeding into the junction box also, why are they in a seperate connector block....
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They used to do it like that, if there is a spare terminal inside, sleeve the cores and put the earths in it.
For what they cost you may be better with a new 4 terminal J/b.
A 20 amp one has more room in it
so rocky if it was left as it is, its still safe is it for all the earths to be going into a seperate connector block?

i knw its best for all the wires to be in the junction box, but it being left as above wont cause no issues?
im not really a electrician so dont want to tamper with wires... but if it needs doing i will call someone in to do it
It may just be they used a 3 term box instead of 4, so done it that way,hard to say if safe really .

But if all connected and wires secure, then most likely as good as the rest of the lighting circuit.

Done that way it sounds old, but having earth there, it is possibly 70's or newer.

A lot of older lighting had no earth at all, so that is good if you have providing it is all connected and also further back on the circuit.

If you, yourself feel unsure, then get it checked for peace of mind.
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thanks rocky.
i might just leave it as it is, all the wires are secure in the junction box and also the connector block with the earths going in. nothing is loose etc..

I have a RCD consumer unit, and nothing has ever tripped on it, so i assume all is good//

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