Bathroom mirror cabinet with lights and demist in zone 1

24 Oct 2009
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United Kingdom
We were given the job to fit out ten shower rooms and had allowed for shaver lights to be put in on our quote.
How ever as things progress and without our knowlege the they actually put in wet rooms so our equipment will now be in zone 1.
We have the access to mount a transformer outside zones, so we are now on the hunt for mirror or mirror cabinets pref stainless steel or aluminim with led lights and 12v demist not more than 4" deep if possible.

normally I would leave this to the bathroom fitters, but it has come back into my court to solve.

  1. stainless steel or aluminium
  2. less than 4" deep
  3. demist function
  4. 12v lights
  5. mirror
  6. cabinet
any thing with 3 out of the 6 items above might fit the bill, or at least have to do :)
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