Baxi 105e Problem

6 Jan 2005
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United Kingdom
Hi I got a Baxi 105e approx 4 years old seems to be working but I don't have any hot water(CH is ok),there are no flashing neons indicating a fault,boiler is asking for hot water and gas ignites for 10 seconds then cuts off even if I leave the hot tap running boiler kicks in every 5 mins for 10 seconds then cuts off,I have also noticed the boiler is over pressurising
Any ideas please
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If this has come about suddenly I would check the temperature sensor.

If its happened over a few days/weeks I would do a thermal survey* and suspect a blocked plate heat exchanger.


* Long words for the laying on of hands unless I wanted to impress with a two input digi thermometer.
I got engineer here now he says water going into diverter valve hot but coming out cold,been over pressurizing sinse christmas but water pact in this afternoon
Huh? How can it go into the diverter hot and come out cold; it must come out hot somewhere from the diverter otherwise there is no actual flow - The diverter is only a water path that directs water flow; as such it's heat loss is negligible.
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Yes well I am going to get a second opinion tomorrow as he thinks it could be the PCB now.thanks for your replies will keep you posted if I find someone who can fix it
Just where did you find your "engineer" who thinks water can go in hot and come out cold ?

Then he decides its the PCB !!!

Had engineer out today(who also consulted another on the phone and advised while he was looking at the boiler)he checked all the obvious then phoned his mate who said it could be the diverter valve and advised to turn the water of to the boiler and set pressure at one and a half bar and told me to turn the water back on in the morning and if the pressure rises then the diverter valve is shot that was at 6pm its 7pm now and the pressure has dropped to half a bar so topped it up again
At Debaker... I'm concerned that you are employing not just poor quality engineers; but clueless engineers; jasonvaughan is on the right path; I feel you should be looking at water flow paths; not pressures...

Ask your engineer to remove the plate heat exchanger and run a tap through the heating circuit side of the exchanger to PROVE there is no blockage as looking from the outside at what is going on there is a lot of talky talky but no worky worky if ya get what I mean... At least then he has done something for his money and proved one of the more common faults which is not always possible to verify by just looking at; especially as the heat exchangers are at the rear on these models if memory serves me correct.
I havn't been charged anythin yet as he is trying to pinpoint a fault,as he said he could change parts that may or may not be the problem,showed them the postings but they have other views,he has been passed out for about 2 years but has been consulting with 2 other Corgi engineers with much more experience and its their advise I have posted
No disrespect to anyone but how do you tell a good engineer from a bad one
Had a 3rd opinion today who tested microswitches and diverter valve and other things while hot tap turned on.and started tapping diverter valve and heat exchanger then I noticed a little bit of orange water came out,so I told him and he said its a blocked Heat Exchanger so gonna go with that and see what happens,will keep you posted :D

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