Baxi Bermuda GF Super Boiler - Rads Cold

28 Feb 2016
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United Kingdom
Baxi Bermuda GF Super Boiler
Calor Gas CH with Back boiler, no TRV's or Room thermostats fitted.
1960's house, CH was working a year ago.

Hi I have turned on the CH in a house which has not been used for a year and the rads are cold.
The pump works & I can manually turn it smooth as silk.
I have bled the rads, turned the thermostatic valve underneath the back boiler off & then onto high after 5 mins. The pump runs but the boiler does not kick in although it does if I switch the HW on.

Any advice gratefully received.
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The only good advice is to get a Gas Safe engineer to check/service the boiler and ensure it is working properly and safely.

Clearly you have no knowledge of heating systems and have no ability to judge if its safe, particularly when its been left unused for so long.

Based on your reply Tony there is no need for this forum as qualified people should know what they are doing and non qualified people should go to a qualified heating engineer. All I wanted was a few pointers on tests I could do that were not dangerous, I did not expect to be told how to take the boiler apart or perform anything that could cause harm to me or anyone else. We are all good at something & I respect those that are qualified in a discipline I am not.
I would suggest that you don't apply for a job as a diplomat although you are obviously unhappy or insecure in your current job.
Are you sure the pump runs with a heating demand?, if the boiler runs for hot water but not heating it's a control issue not boiler. Think Tony is saying it is strongly advisable to get it checked and fully serviced anyway after a year of non use.
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I totally agree about the sentiment but it was the way it was worded that shocked me. If there is an issue with a CH system that was working perfectly but has been left for some time then a simple reply suggesting that it would be sensible to have it checked out before using it would suffice & maybe even some details on why this would be wise would be appreciated.

What is the point of a forum if the stock answer is "engage a qualified engineer"? No one qualified should use the DIYNot forum as they should know what they are doing and Non Qualified people should simply go direct to a Qualified engineer, obviously!

As it stands I have reached my safe limit of testing and have asked a qualified engineer to have a look at it.
As an update on this subject I have had a Gas/Safe Engineer look at it & it is working fine, the problem was that it is an old system where the HW & CH have to be on together for the CH to work but in Summer the HW only can be used.
This IS the point of this forum to give advice & what I was hoping to get from it.
I was not aware that such systems existed and had someone informed me, a few simple "Safe" tests would have confirmed it.
WW: Tony is well known four talking utter s#ite but in this case he is correct. An open flued appliance of that age is potentially dangerous, and my advice is always, when uncertain if the history, to gave it servced and tested before using.

Had you received advice regarding your problem, you probably would never have had it checked
Yes & as I said I totally agree about the sentiment but not the way it was stated.

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