Baxi bermuda back boiler

30 Dec 2005
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United Kingdom
I have a Baxi Bermuda towns gas back boiler ( says 675 on it )with GF 3 Super fire.. and am thinking of putting a spare second hand boiler in store from ebay for the inevitable day when mine fails. ( they seem to be pulling them out to replace with condensing boilers --- terrible disruption --- but dont see the 675 mentioned )
Are other model numbers compatible ?
Is it a good idea ?
Any new spares available /
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Did you know Baxi Bermuda is now available as a condensing boiler so you could replace yours with the new model, condensate is pumped,
Unless you're going to do this yourself (and not comply with Building Regs), the law usually requires all replacement boilers to be condensing under Part L of the Building Regs, so a Gas Safe fitter should refuse to fit a back boiler now.

There is a points based exemption scheme whereby you can fit a non-condensing boiler in limited circumstances.

But the old back boilers are horribly inefficient, you will be paying about 50p/day just to run the pilot light, and you also have the whopping big hole in the wall for the combustion ventilation. Plus the not insifnificant risk of carbon monoxide poisoning.

My Baxi Bermuda went to the great scrappie in the sky a couple of weeks ago, 2 days work to put a new condensing combi in the kitchen, connect up the pipes under the hall, rip out the old tanks, and block up the big holes in the lounge wall.

Routing the condensate drain may require some cunning; I have a plastic pipe running along the window sill inside which makes the kitchen look a bit like a porta-cabin toilet, but one can't make an omelette without setting off a smoke alarm.
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the advice already post should convince you it isnt a good idea, if not mine will, if you change the back boiler you will need to ENSURE the liner if fit to outlast the second boiler, as they have a lifespan of 15-20yrs this will be unlikely so it would be best to renew the lier if you change the back boiler, not an inexpensive option by any manner
I agree with Kirk, the regs state you must renew the flue liner. Removed a 35 YO BBU last Friday, the flue was in mint condition. We use old flue liners for HR ventilation systems....Sorted!!!...LOL!!!

Why don't more Plumbers get into Ventilation & Tin Bashing. You can make serious money at it. Why try & compete with the CC/CCCs & general chancers??
TOWNS gas in Gloucetershire , you making your own then .

Gas valve still avialable and if memory serves me right the 552 heat exchanger fits it

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