Baxi Bermuda inset 2 50/4E Banging loft pipes and hot rads

3 Jan 2009
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United Kingdom
I'm hoping someone knows what I can do about a continual problem we have had for a few years now. Here is the background information you plumbing whiz's need to know

We moved in 9 years ago and the pipes were banging in the loft. We had an old 3 bar back boiler like your gran would have. We had a Baxi Bermuda inset 2 50/4E boiler installed as well as a power shower up in the bathroom. We had an additional storage tank up in the loft so we have 2 large tanks in the loft now. We also have a towel radiator in the bathroom connected to the hot water system so we can dry our towels in the summer when the central heating is off. We have 2 small, 4 medium and 1 large radiator in the house. We did have a small hot water tank but this also banged. We had a plumber install a new tank to see if that would work. He installed a Honeywell T70 L641A1005 tank.

We have the thermostat on the hot water tank upstairs set to 60 and the boiler is set to half way. We have our thermostat in the hall set to 22-24 never any more than that.

The boiler still bangs all the time when the central heating is on. Sometimes we can go months without it banging. Then it can bang every day. Sometimes it will bang every couple of hours. Other times it will bang every ten minutes. Now when I say bang, I will try to explain this noise. Downstairs next to the boiler is clicks loudly and quickly and you can hear the pipes sort of echoing. Upstairs the noise comes from the loft and it sounds as if the entire roof is going to cave in. really loud physical bangs and growls. Also when this happens, all of our radiators and towel rail even though they have thermostats on become scorching hot. Basically you will instantly burn yourself if you just touch them. They go to the same temperature as an iron.

We've had various plumbers come round and they have no idea. One suggested changing the hotwater tank, which we did, but this has not worked. We had a power flush done maybe 7 years ago and our latest plumber from homeserve suggested another power flush. Would this sort our problem?

We have two kids, one income,so money is tight so I hope you have a definative answer. I will do a power flush if this will sort out the problem, but it didn't before and I don't want to waste a load of money for nothing.

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What is the Thermostat set to on the front of the back boiler unit?? I usually leave them at 3 as this is usually ample

Has the boiler thermostat Phial been properly inserted onto the Backboiler unit would be my next question?

Following this do you have Thermostats on ALL of your radiators?? There should always be one without or else a bypass fitted to the system to allow the heat away from the boiler.
Don't think a powerflush will solve anything.

If the rads are getting too hot then I it would suggest that the boiler thermostat is intermittently faulty, or not fitted correctly as Super has suggested. The banging will be due to overheating.

Has anyone actually checked this when they have been round?
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I came across a problem similar to this years ago and someone had changed the pump and put it in the wrong way round. It had been put in pumping away from the boiler but when i traced the pipe back to the boiler it was fitted on the return.
Thanks for your tips. I'll check everything out tomorrow. I'm sure I have one rad without a thermostat on. I'll come back to you with the details you need.


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