Bay window outside, repairs

3 May 2008
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United Kingdom
I have a leak somewhere outside of my bay window and it's blown the plaster.
I think there is a crack in the bay window ledge which I am going to cement up. However, can anyone offer me some advice on the following:

the corner of the bay window has come off (see pic) ? can I cement that back on or do I need to do something else ?

What can I do about the crumbling top layer ? How do I fix this so I can repaint the bay windows?

Any help is really appreciated.
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Remove all loose material , when I had a damaged bay I used self levelling slurry over the top and it left a very smooth even finish .
it looks like the corner piece has been stuck back on in the past usin sand an cement mortar?
if thats the case it might be tricky removin it without causin further damage.
but if its removable then it could be stuck back on with any of the limestone renovation repair adhesives incl 2-part epoxy's or polyurethanes.

the shellin surfaces looks like layers of plastic paint blowin off.
remove them all from the sills an from any posts, mullions or reveals.
use screwfix 19995 paint scraper or similar.

afterwards rub down all exposed surfaces with a stone but dont re-paint.

in pic1 by the blue car ther seems to be a crack or is it a join in the sills?
anyway, fill it with plyurethane an smooth off.

you might have to work off a lader or be tied inside the bedroom.
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Thanks the responses. The actual corner piece is loose. I just put it on for the photo so it would make more visual sense.

Can I use gorilla glue on the corner piece ? I was thinking this,aps,127&sr=8-3

I will have a look at self levelling slurry ? How do I get a straight edge on it ?
Is this ok ?

One final question, I shouldn't paint it ? I was thinking about a fresh lick of masonry paint ? Is there a reason I should not paint it ?

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