Beko Fridge Freezer - Fridge icing up and freezing food

5 May 2010
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United Kingdom
Hi there,

We have a Beko Fridg/freezer. It is about 7 years old. In the last month of so the fridge has started icing up on the inside back wall. The ice only appears on the top half of the fridge section (the bottom shelf and the salad trays have no ice behind them)

Along with this, some food in the fridge gets slightly frozen.

We have never had ice build up of any description in the fridge before. It also seems slightly louder than normal though I can't be 100% sure about that.

We popped into our local fridge repair place and described the problem to him. He said it is almost certainly the gas has gone causing the fridge not to turn off and thus the ice build up and food freezing. He said (and I'm paraphrasing now) the gas "thing" is positioned halfway down the fridge, and as the gas has gone, the "something" doesn't run down to the thermostat, causing the fridge to stay on and the ice to build up from the gas "thing" upwards, hence the ice only building up in the top half of the fridge. He said the gas can be replaced and a new valve put on for £50 but no guarantee can be given to how long this will last before it happens again and we are better off scrapping it and buying a new one.

Can anybody on here backup this diagnosis? Could it be something else, easily fixable or is the gas the likely culprit?

Many Thanks

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To do a full and complete defrost, I take it I turn it off completely and leave it for a day or so? This of course means I'd need to run my food right down to minimise the waste?

Faulty thermostat sounds possible but is there some merit in what the guy says about if the ice is only building up in the top half of the fridge, this is a sure sign the gas has gone?

If the thermostat was faulty, would not the ice build up from top to bottom?
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To defrost, take all the food out, stack it, cover it with towels etc.
Leave doors open, put bowls of hot water in it, you should have it defrosted in 2/4 hrs, remove ice as it falls, DO NOT FORCE IT OFF.
I am having exactly the same problem with my beko fridge freezer that's only just coming for four years old, I have defrosted It but the problem still persists and I've also noticed the freezer compartment has now started to frost when that is also supposed to be frost free. I was wondering if you had managed to fix it as I'm also unsure as to repair or just buy new. Thanks.
gtrance, I hope you got a second opinion from your engineer saying the "gas" has gone. Logically the "gas" is present and is making ice cold contents.
PS ok thread
Mine is freezing all food and pop in fridge what can I do can I fix the thermostat?
Hi Karla, Is the fridge / ice box fully frozen, if so you need to fully defrost first by turning off the power, after using up all the contents or storing in a friends fridge freezer and keep the doors ajar for at least 24 hrs. Keep an eye out for wet floors as any ice melts.
Our BEKO fridge freezer fridge has iced up ever since we had a power cut which lasted for 13 hours edf told us not to open the doors so we didn't but now the items in fridge keep freezing up and we get a build up of ice at the back of the fridge any ideas?
We had a power cut and after that the fridge went into overdrive. The cooling panel at the back was caked in ice. I think the ice insulates it, so the temperature where the thermostat is doesn't feel cold, so doesn't switch off, and the fridge therefore keeps running.

I defrosted the fridge, and everything returned to normal.
A cool box and cardboard boxes with newspaper kept things cool.

Use a hair dryer and/or hot water bottle in the fridge and freezer to defrost. And don't be tempted to scrape or pull off the ice. What it is stuck to is surprisingly thin and fragile . . . as I found out as a put a blunt knife through the office fridge's ice box :(
Sorry to post years after the original question was asked but I found myself in the same boat recently and spent hours researching an answer and struggled to find one so to save others the hassle and possibly binning unnecessarily, it's the condenser sensor that needs replacing. If you Google 'replacing a condenser sensor on a beko', you can find instructions on what to do. Unfortunately I can't remember the name of the site I found this info and I'm new here so not sure if Web links are allowed anyway but the info is definitely out there. (it's just hard to find if you don't type the condensor sensor bit)

I paid around £10 on eBay for a replacement sensor and it's now working perfectly. Previously, it would ice up a rectangle on the back of the fridge regardless of the setting it was on.

I will also add that in the info I found, it's suggested the sensor is 220mm down from the top and 200mm in from the left... My sensor was exactly 220mm down from the top but 280mm across from the left so I'm guessing it's just an approximate measurement. You have to cut a fair size hole to have enough room to work so if I was to do this again, I would mark 220mm down from the top and 280mm across from the left and cut a hole there and work to the left as the cable runs this way. You can then cut it with some room to work with. It's located approx 50mm deep into the foam. I used a Stanley to cut the first 40mm and my finger for the last bit to avoid cutting anything I shouldn't.

Good luck and if you are still stuck, message me on here and I will try to find and pm the website I found the info on or I can explain in more detail. Its a really easy repair once you know. It's just locating the part which is submerged in foam which is the trickiest bit. The part no is: 4394720185 and my beko model no is: CDA648fs/1
I have exactly the same problem. Beko fridge freezer (CDA539). Freezes everything in the fridge. No thermostat to replace. Large rectangle of snowy ice on the back wall. Defrosted for a couple of days but the problem returned after a while.
I would replace the sensor but the missus is dead against having a big gouged repair in the fridge. Have I got any other options?
is it a frost-free freezer?

what are the actual temperatures in the two compartments?
I have exactly the same problem. Beko fridge freezer (CDA539). Freezes everything in the fridge. No thermostat to replace. Large rectangle of snowy ice on the back wall. Defrosted for a couple of days but the problem returned after a while.
I would replace the sensor but the missus is dead against having a big gouged repair in the fridge. Have I got any other options?

I don't think there are any other options as the sensor and wire are both encased in the foam against the back wall. The sensor also slides into a little holder which would not be able to pull out without removing the foam.

You don't need a huge hole though, you just need to locate the sensor and have enough of the wire exposed to connect in the new sensor. Any foam taken out you can replace with expanding foam and then stick the old backing back over the top after. The only sign of repair on ours is a rectangular square of tape I used to seal the edges of the cut.
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