Bending Chrome Pipe ??

10 Aug 2006
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United Kingdom

I'm in the process of replacing the 15mm chrome piping for our existing thermostatic shower (due to it being too low for our new taps!!).
Anyway made the first one no probs (90deg bend + a 30deg jog bend), but for some reason every time I try to bend the 2nd tube at 90deg it kinks !!! Tried it 3 times before running out of tube. Every time it kinked....
Like I said, didn't have this problem with the first tube.
I'm using a pipe bender and the tube is chrome plated copper. The only thing I can think is the length of tubing I'm using for the 2nd run is flawed in some way.

Can anyone help???

Many Thanks
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i had a similar problem, went and bought the chrome from a different suppliers and it was fine.mite be the cheaper version of chrome th none bs standard, check the pipe to see if it has a bs stamp number, or try heating it up slightly, also works.
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What I have found with my machine bender is that if I 'assist' the pipe bend in the slightest while bending it,the pipe will ripple,even if I touch the pipe while its bending,but if I don't touch it,I always get a perfect bend.
Hmm that seems wierd....

Anyway just bought some new tubing & tried again. Same kinks as soon as I get past around 60 degrees....... :evil:
try oiling the formers and guides with a little 3 in 1,
it ripples wen it drags in the guide .. first ly small bit of emmery cloth in the guides to get rid of all the grime ..
In addition to advice given already

Put a stop end on the pipe before you bend it.
Fill the pipe with kiln dried sand like what they use for block paving.
Gently tap the stop end of the pipe on the floor to compact the sand.
Poke a bit of rag in the other end to keep the sand in.
Then bend the pipe.

If that doesn't work then defenestrate the benders when you get to the 90º bit and use a chrome plated elbow
yer right son pack it with DRY sand works every time almost!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
Mind take the sand out before you fit though.
Thanks for all the help....

I finally did it by borrowing a bending spring and inserting it before bending it on the bender....Had a hell of a time removing the spring but NO KINK !!!

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