bermuda b/b with electric fire,is it possible?


3 May 2006
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United Kingdom
i have a baxi bermuda back boiler,the fire has been condemed and i was wondering if it was possibe to fit a electric fire in front of the back boiler as the 2 fires i can choose from look crap.
i would like to have a surround,would there need to be a vent fitted in the surround for the boiler?

thanx for your comments.
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The boiler and fire are designed to be used together.

You cannot use the fire without the boiler!

Providing the ventilation is maintained and the operation is CHECKED by a CORGI who is happy with it then I dont see any problem.

BUT not all CORGIs will agree and CORGI themselves will probably be hesitant to agree and to save any problems will most likely say you should not!

There are lots of old BBUs being removed and it may be possible to buy a replacement firefront to fit yours.

It all depends on why it was condemmed!

The simple answer is 'No you can't do that'

The complete answer is that manufacturers instructions over rule just about everything. Contact Baxi and see what they say about your idea.

Clue: we came across a tenant who had removed their Glow worm Miami fire, and was just using the back boiler. After consultations with just about everyone we cut it off and issued a RIDDOR, which was as much to cover our own backs as anything had he decided to reconnect later and kill himself. The two parts of the BBU were eventually reunited..tested and all was OK...We still don't know why the fire was in a lock up though :rolleyes: :rolleyes:

M.J Dont come on this forum asking stupid questions,if you want to talk ****e go down to b&q :evil:
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Baxmax said:
M.J Dont come on this forum asking stupid questions,if you want to talk s***te go down to b&q :evil:

Bit harsh.... or maybe not.

M.J seems to have two different halstead boilers a baxi back boiler and also works as an heating engineer.

So whats your beef M.J
What's wrong with that, I'm a heating engineer and I've got a Eurocombi, a Buderus, a Glow Worm a Mexico an icos a Brittony II and at present three Sabres, but by the end of the week the Sabres and the Icos will be fitted.

When the Eurocombi finally dies I'll probably put in an Alpha the mexico is in my own home the Glow worm (hideaway) and Buderus are in flats and both will live a long and healthy life.

The Icos wasn't my choice it's a job I'm doing in York for a m8. Yes I do go a gainst my principles for money. Every man has a price.
"""M.J seems to have two different halstead boilers a baxi back boiler and also works as an heating engineer. """

Well spotted Baxmax !!!

We dont need unregistered heating engineers asking questions here!

Exactly, they just have to ring the manufacturers and in the unlikely event they are asked for a corgi number it won't be checked against any register.
DIY is legal if they are competent .

But for MJ to do it for payment is illegal and still would be even if he was competent!
Well, we are actually extremely tolerant here. Spend a few seconds on the Electrics UK forum and you'll see what I mean.

First thing out of their mouth is This is a diy forum so **** off. And they mean it. I have decided that on balance, though we have our moments this place real friendly. They frighten me over there.
i am not doing the work myself,the plumber i usually use told me that he was not sure,i'm asking here because i'm freezeing my tits off at nights.the 2 fires i can choose from are way too expensive,and look like they were designed 20 years ago!!
and i dont know what halsead boiler has to do with it???

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